Success Tip: Define the goal AND stay flexible on the path to achieve

3 Major Takeaways

  1. Having a laser focus on your goals does not mean you stop learning or prevent you from offering new services.  Adding new services  that take your skills into a deeper space, not one that is not related to your current offerings. Adding foley sound to your audio service would be going deeper, but travel would spread you in a wider direction.
  2. Having conviction in your work  and  your offerings is important.  Don’t go into a situation  where you  are more confident than your skill level should allow you to be, but also stretch  yourself just enough so that you have to grow with the project.
  3. Create work, even  if for free, that you want to  keep doing, again and again.  This way you do not get stuck in a position where you have to continue doing things that you hate because it is what pays the bills.

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