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Get over 3 years worth of commercial filmmaking experience in just 3 short months. This membership is for anyone looking to level up their commercial filmmaking career. Today, you can get access for just $150 (normally $300)

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"My client reached over $100k in sales from our video campaign!"

"I ran my first video ad campaign in April, the budget was $2,011. As of today I've made $50,200 in sales!"

"My first video campaign had a $430 budget and generated $2,022 in sales! Just under 500% ROI!"

Everything You Want To Know About Shooting & Editing Cinematic Commercials That Generate A Return On Investment For Clients

When I first told Paul I wanted to offer this portion of our training for only $150 dollars...

He almost slapped me square in the face.

Luckily I dodged that slap
, (Paul's slow as sh**) and later convinced him that this is something content creators need to have

I told him what life was like just a few years ago;
  • Investing tens of thousands of dollars into camera gear & lights...
  • Investing thousands into programs to learn "How To Use My Camera", "Lighting" & "Smooth Transitions"  
  • Believing the LIE many filmmakers told me that to earn more you have to shoot higher "quality" videos
  • Absolutely obsessed with making BEAUTIFUL content
  • Completely oblivious of how to create videos that make a real tangible IMPACT for clients 

The worst feeling as a creator is having a client invest thousands of dollars for you to create a commercial meant to GROW their business...

And have it go on their youtube channel and generate a couple hundred views and ZERO TRACKED CLIENTS.

But I was attacking things all by myself, with no guidance, and no real proven method to success.

I was good at shooting beautiful videos that people loved, but that was basically it.

What I didn't understand was commercial messaging and how to really generate profits with my work .
I also had no idea how to market MYSELF as a video production business.

Fast forward to TODAY.

Now I make over 6-figures as a one-man video agency. 

I charge a minimum of $2,000 for commercial productions.

I don't work crazy hours trying to catch up and stay ahead of the editing backlog.

I understand how to position my work to charge more AND deliver amazing results for my clients.

I also know how to get clients quickly, when I need the extra cash flow.

That's what this program is all about.

All the mistakes I made. All of the time wasted worrying about the WRONG things. 

We're going to help you skip over that part of your career in RECORD TIME.

Learn how to accelerate your business. Charge more for your work. 

Utilize powerful Commercial Messaging. 

All while getting personalized feedback from 6 & 7-figure commercial filmmakers. 
All for the price of a few months of Netflix & Hulu. This really is a no-brainer.

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What's Included?

Commercial Filmmaking Crash Course

  • What Gear Should I Buy?
  • Camera Settings + Gear Tutorials
  • Commercial Lighting Techniques
  • Ideal Image Composition
  • How Movement Impacts Messaging
  • How to Record High Quality Audio
  • Audio Processing
  • Top 10 Tips to Producing Profitable Commercials
  • How to Shoot 5 Commercials in 5 Hours
  • New Content Added Each Month!

Weekly Commercial Breakdowns

Submit your commercial work, and we'll break it down A-Z. 

  • General tips + how to improve
  • learn to better leverage powerful messaging
  • Ask questions, get immediate answers
  • Weekly creative inspiration
  • Learn to triple your commercial value

Weekly Q&A Calls

Ask 6 & 7-figure filmmakers questions specific to you and your business 

  • Get personalized answers to your questions
  • How to approach your projects
  • What gear to invest in
  • How to get new clients consistently
  • Develop YOUR path to success

Monthly Commercial Contests

Learn to Market Yourself!

Your business, like any business, needs marketing content! Each month we give you a theme, point you in the right direction, and you shoot yourself an amazing commercial, earning you the opportunity to land paying jobs!

We do this for a few reasons...

  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT - Our goal is for you to land a job that pays back the price of the program, in your first month...

    Shooting this commercial for yourself with a proven selling theme (that we provide) is one of the fastest and most consistent ways to get paying clients each and every month. 

  • PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Ask anyone in the film business, and they will tell you one of the biggest obstacles to achieving success is failing to get out there and practice! Our monthly commercial contents give you a reason to pick up your gear and practice shooting commercial content.

    This will drastically increase your confidence shooting commercials, getting you more prepared for paying jobs.

Remember: All you need to do is land 1 client and you'll have earned a massive return on investment from this program

Private Facebook Community

"Videos That Sell Elite"


When you're surrounded by a community of like-minded people, all with the same goals, you're 100 times more likely to reach yours. 

  • We'll keep you on track and ensure you participate in the commercial contests
  • Seeing all of the amazing commercial content produced by your peers will serve as great inspiration
  • Weekly celebrations will keep your mindset focused on success!

Peer-Peer Learning

The community is filled with filmmakers at all skill levels, ready to respond and help you with all of the obstacles you encounter.

Join over 700+ filmmakers who have revolutionized their commercial filmmaking Careers

The Transformations Speak For Themselves...

Meet Your Mentors

Paul Xavier

Paul is a video creator, entrepreneur, and the worlds #1 business strategiest for filmmakers & video creators. Paul has been featured in Forbes, Inc, & Entrepreneur for inventing the Creators Operating System which revolutionizes the path to scaling a video agency with predictability.

Anthony Gallo

Anthony is a long-time Next Level Creator student who worked his way through the ranks, built a 6-figure video agency and now teaches how to write, direct, shoot & edit videos that sell in our community.  Anthony is actively running profitable commercial campaigns for multiple clients and raising his rates every month as a successful commercial filmmaker.

Only 400 Total Spots

 Total Value $5,000
Your Price: $150

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

It starts as soon as you enroll! This resource is a three month self paced program, which includes 12 live commercial breakdown video, 12 live Q&A sessions. It's up to you to make the most out of the program, there's no reason you can't earn thousands of dollars in this timeframe on this $150 dollar investment.

There are more opportunities to today than ever before and in the video production market and this event will equip you with the skills, mindset, friends and momentum to earn it.

How will this earn me a crazy fast return on investment?

If you watch the trainings, ask questions during the live calls, and absorb the material in the commercial review database - you will absolutely have what it takes to shoot yourself a commercial that will land you thousands of dollars worth of commercial projects. 

Think, all you need is one $150 commercial job (very easy to land) and you will have paid off the price of this course in full.

What happens after 3 months?

Our goal is to provide the deepest level of support possible to every member of our program, this is why we can only have 400 people enrolled at a time. Any number over that and we won't be able to give everyone the help they deserve. So after 3 months, the initial subscription is over, and you're encouraged to continue utilizing our commercial methods. We do have an offer specifically for our "alumni" members, where you can continue getting all of the amazing benefits, personalized support, and additional content for an unbelievably low price, so rest assured you will always be able to continue working and growing with us. 

What skill level is this program for?

This program was designed to take somebody from knowing practically nothing about commercial filmmaking - to being confident enough in their skills to land jobs worth over thousands of dollars. Not just that, it also will teach you how to shoot commercials that generate massive profits, for yourself and your clients. If you sound like you fall somewhere along this spectrum, then this program is for you. We have helped filmmakers at both ends of the skill spectrum.

Do you offer a guarantee or refund?


If you enroll in the program, watch the trainings, participate in one of the live calls, and are convinced that you won't be able to, minimally, land 1 new client with the information, then we'll issue you a full refund if you let us know within 7 days of enrolling.

But if I invest in this, I won't be able to buy more gear...

Priorities my friend....

Whats more important, learning how to earn more with any camera you have/can rent, or having a new camera you can play with but no paying clients to use it with.

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