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"How To Write, Direct & Shoot  Videos That  Sell In 48 Hours"

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  1. The most common mistakes entrepreneurs & commercial filmmakers are making when they attempt to produce Videos That  Sell

  2. Our Top 10 Tips for writing, directing, producing & shooting videos that effectively sell great products or services. (Hint: you must have a good offer to make these methods work)

  3. What in the world is a "Value Video" and why is it the most powerful type of commercial on planet earth ?

  4. The difference between direct response & general brand videos and why you should S-T-O-P creating brand videos immediately

  5. The technical gear + know-how necessary to create effective videos that sell

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Meet Your Mentors

Paul Xavier

Paul is the most effective business mentor for filmmakers & video creators in the world. Paul has been featured in Forbes, Inc, Entrpereneur and the Go Creative Show, for his work helping other creators build to highly successful video agencies. 

Paul has invented multiple systems that are helping filmmakers all over the globe to grow including: 

- Earn The Deal sales model
- Mega Value Marketing Model
- Videos That Sell model
- Creators Operating System

Paul is recognized as the #1 business mentor to commercial filmmakers, video creators & directors around the world.

Anthony Gallo

Anthony spent the majority of his life studying towards a career in medicine, graduating college with a degree in biomedical science. Despite getting this degree, Anthony had always dreamed of pursuing a career as a creative filmmaker, and rather than attend medical school, he took a leap of faith and started his own filmmaking business. Early on in his career Anthony met Paul and started working with him, learning his systematic approach to producing videos that sell. After only 4 short months working with Paul,  Anthony scaled his production company to a consistent 15000 in MRR. Due to his experiences working with Paul and their success developing commercial content that generated massive results for their clients, Anthony and Paul worked together to develop a program unlike any other in the industry, teaching filmmakers, marketers, and business owners how to implement the same systems to produce videos that sell.