• Name: Zack M
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Florida, USA
  • Description:

    Zack moved to Florida from Wisconsin to try and grow his video production business. After hustling, taking any project that would come his way, and working insanely hard for very little profit, Zack decided it was time to step up his approach. Within sixty days of joining the Next Level Creators program, Zack was able to secure $8,000 in monthly recurring income.


All right. Hello everyone. I have an exciting guest with me today. Zack from Florida. He is the owner of bayside media video production company. He joined the next level creators program a little over two months ago and he's already over six figures in contracts that he signed and brought on, so that's over $8,000 a month. Zack is excited to share a story with you and yeah, before we jump into this, Zack, welcome. Of course. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and journey with everyone. When we spoke, we spoke a little over a year ago and you decided you didn't want to join. What, what happened for you between that year and just two months ago that made you decide, this is what I really want to do. I want to be a next level creators. Well, at that point I came across your program and at the time it made sense even though I didn't capitalize on it, but I was in a different market, different space. Um, I was the guy that was saying yes to everything. You know, we got a dentist's office over here in these head shots. You got a wedding over here. We got, you know, all different kinds of things and I had just moved from Wisconsin where I had my company there which was very small potatoes and moved down here and I rebranded and I was like, I want to get into commercial level stuff. Um, you know, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to get there. But at the time the biggest paying gigs I had was weddings, you know, photo and video and your program that came across at that time was geared towards, you know, wedding photographers that yard and, you know, I really wanted to get into it, but at the same time I also didn't want to invest that time and money into something that isn't a category I didn't want to stay in. Yeah. That's why I was like, you know, as much as I see the value here, Paul and conversations, I just don't think that it's the right move this time. And I'm glad I didn't because, you know, I pivoted after that and got into much bigger and better things and then I came across your program that we have now and um, and it was like, okay, this is exactly what I need. Yep. So, so commercial campaigns were what called out to you and you said when you saw that you knew this is the real level of clientele you want to be working with and the types of projects you want to be a directing and facilitating. Right. Exactly. And also in between the time when I first made contact with you and recently, um, my office is in a coworking space which is really hip, is downtown. There's lots of different individual and shared offices. So at any given time there's all different kinds of people coming through there and it's like a hub of entrepreneurs, right? So surrounded by these people, which was the best thing I could've done at that time. But I ran into somebody who is doing digital marketing and he was kind of just getting started. And I was kind of, you know, I saw him every day. We would talk about what we are working on, what projects I was working on, what projects he was working on, and I saw him progress and learn all these skills and bring value to clients that, you know, he was aiming to do and then do it over and over. And I was like, man, that is, that is the key. Because you know, all of us video creators and photographers, media producers, sorry, I'm outside. Um, you know, we've been delivering great products and content to our clients, but we're doing a disservice to them by not implementing it. You can't find an actual value on a video that you create if you just create it and hand it to him. But if you say, I'm going to create this video and then I'm going to put it into some ads and then we're going to spend some money and we're going to test it and optimize it and then a month from now we're going to have it. Great idea of exactly how much money we can make off of what you invest and providing that value and that. That level of service is what I always wanted, but I never had the skills to do so that was kind of like watching this guy in the office, you know, study and watch every youtube tutorial and everything he was doing out there, you know, he's slowly progressed. Not Nearly as quick as I did with your program, but I still saw like, wow, that's what I need to do. So when I came across your program I was like, you know, I'm doing all of this front end stuff but I'm not doing anything on the back end and this looks like the way to bridge the gap. So that's when I pulled it. No. Interesting. And so for, for you, prior to joining next level creators, the real struggle was you were doing these videos. They were all project to project and yet I know because we've had a ton of conversations since you've been in the program, you actually, you have a bunch of other video creators that you work with who are talented, right? Like high quality video. And so you've got a bunch of people coming to you with these video projects already. Want to you wanting to, people you know, and your team to produce these, these videos. Talk about what it's been like now that you've started to offer a commercial campaigns instead. How have your clients started to see you differently? How have the conversations changed? Well, the first thing I can say is that they love me now. They don't just like me. They're just elated. Every time we talked and I get Emoji Smiley faces and text messages and I never got that level of connection with my clients before. So that was, that was rewarding for me. That's job satisfaction when you're that close to your clients to become friends. Um, but the second thing was all my jobs and my clients that I worked with before that we're happy with my work. They, they weren't as motivated prior to continue to reach out to do more things on a regular basis because it was like, okay, we have this great video that improves our image, you know, we got an ego boost, but they don't really see any value in it. So for me to go to them and ask them for several thousand dollars over and over every month without saying, you know, and then video worked out so and we tracked everything well they weren't, so you know, it was very, very gig to Gig and I had no way of budgeting and yes, I got some great gigs here and there and it was like, wow, there's a chunk of money that's awesome. But then there's dry spells and there's no predictability, there's no consistency. And so why me going back to these same clients and saying, Hey, let's do a new fresh project and then I want to bring, implementing and distributing to basically improve your bottom line. I want to put an Roi on what you're doing right here between you and I, because before you saw the value, because he liked my work. Okay, that's great. But now I want to show you how I can prove that I'm making you money with them. And that in itself is. That's the key. That's that is the most powerful way of getting all of your hard work into it in front of everybody. And actually show him his business that you're growing it for them, you know, uh, you know, we talk about that all the time, the wind nature of your relationship with your clients. And when I look at video production in traditional video industry, uh, when I first started doing videos, you don't realize that when you go into a business and you're selling just the video production, it really is like you're trying to steal a slice of their pie. They've got this, this company and it's only so big. And then you're coming in there saying, hey, I want to produce a video. It's going to be this, that, and you want it to be as big as possible. Is that what you make as much money for that one gig? And then that person's pies is getting smaller and smaller. But when you go and offer a commercial campaign, I like to think of it as, hey, listen, I see you've got this pie. It's going great right now. Your Business is doing well. I want to help you make the pie bigger so we can both eat. And so that way we can both get full and also service your customers better. Like that is such a different relationship that I have found with our personal clients that we run commercial campaigns for. And of course the ones that you've gotten so far, which is terrific. And so you've been doing this for two months. How many clients have you brought on for commercial campaigns so far? Um, one, two, three or four. But I swear I'm forgetting one A. Okay. I got one on the fence, so four and a half. We'll call it, we'll call it five because I'm going to get them. Yeah, they're, they're on the fence, but we're already, we're already past foreplay. We're negotiating a contract. So. And any bug me today, he's like, can we, can we do this? We like, I know I said a week, but do you think we can do it sometime this weekend? Like I literally talked to him today and I was like, yeah. And he's like, this is the exciting part because they see the value in it so much that he's like, you know, I want you to give us two options, option a, you charged us for all the different services that you bring to the table at what you would normally charge and an option b discount everything, and we give you shared in the company because if you're gonna, if you're gonna, launch us out there, we want to take you along for the ride now because I've already done business for one of that client's other companies. Sure. So that was really exciting. So yeah, so far what we'll call it five. Yeah. So that, that's a different type of deal as well then you're probably familiar with, you know. Absolutely. That was a, that was a shocker. But I'm embracing it. So. Good. And so when you're looking at the old business that you're running bayside media before really running commercial campaigns, what were some of the struggles or biggest problems that you were having that you think other video creators might be able to connect with? Okay. So first and foremost, everybody thinks that they need to have the best gear out there. Well, it helps, but at the end of the day, what I've learned from your class is a lot of marketing strategy that can make even a mediocre video, 10 times more powerful. So first of all, don't obsess over all you hear. Yes, have something that's a little bit above consumer level, but if you're already, you know, a professional and video and then you already have the gear. But if you're on the fence and you only have some gear, you know, just invest in a decent dslr and some decent lenses and lighting and audio, but don't go crazy because the campaign commercials that going to be doing for these people aren't going to be insanely advanced. You're not doing TV commercials, but the important part is that you take the strategies that you learned through your course and then you apply them all the way through. So that's one thing that a lot of people ask about, oh, what do, what do you shoot on? How do your videos, what do you do this? Well, you know, it's, it's up to everybody's style and if you're at least at a prosumer level, then that's good enough to make an impact. Um, the second thing is, you know, going Gig to Gig, that's the struggle that I think everybody has in this industry that hasn't figured this out yet. And that is, you know, you have one month Rehab, 10 gigs, you know, that's maybe high, maybe you've got six kids, you know, and then next month you're like, all right, I'm going to call those guys up and we're gonna do some more work while they get hard to get ahold of or they don't have the budget or they don't really are motivated to do it. And you can say, yeah, but I'm going to do a video even better. They don't really care that much, you know? Um, so the Gig to Gig thing is really hard for you to not only maintain consistent budget but to scale. There's no, there's no scalability whatsoever, you know. Um, and, and so just the value of being able to have monthly retainer contracts where you're on a regular basis creating new content and bringing new business in for them and very your business and for yourself. I mean that, that is something that I don't know how it didn't dawn on me all these years working on this stuff, but that's the secret sauce even though there is no secret sauce, that's just a strategy that is most effective. So, um, let's see what else, if there's anything else, um, just be confident, you know, a lot of people struggle and they, and they have, you know, these great opportunities, but they're really timid about asking for money and what I found is don't be scared to ask for money. In fact, the cheaper that you brace yourself, the less value you're actually putting it on yourself. So, you know, you go into a meeting and you'd be happy with $2,000, right? You'd be like, okay, that's good, but you don't want to put yourself into that box because you can never negotiate up. You can always negotiate down. So that's another thing, I come in a little aggressive every time a little high, um, um, what I think is what I would get and then, you know, they're always going to have pushback, but these stand your ground and then you reiterate the value of it and you're just genuine with them and you're like, look man, I know that sounds like a lot of money, but if you give me this opportunity to show you how I can grow your business and it works and it's predictable and scalable, would you not want to double down on it afterwards? I mean, you know, use that Jordan Belfort bladder. If I put you in at 32 and pulled you out of 65, what'd you be mad about it? You know, that kind of thing that the bottom line is I was really timid. I mean, not the last couple of years since I moved to Florida. I was like, I don't really care. You know, I went for it. But for years before that I was really timid and I was really like, okay, you know, this is the first one I'll give you a deal on this first one, don't do that, don't do that. Because once you do that then it's really hard to get up from that. And I know you want to help them out and you want to get that client you really do and you want to do whatever it takes to get that client stand your ground and be confident and you know, say your number and then don't say anything. Just wait. You've learned on that one and then silence. Yup. Well, and then they think about it and then they only have to answer with something as a, as a rebuttal. But that's a lot of thing that, that's a lot of people struggle with that myself. I was one of the biggest ones, but really go for it. And do not undervalue yourself. Confidence is a difficult thing because. So one of those things that a lot of people, I think they look at people who seem to have a lot of competence and like psychology psychologically, we all are. We compare ourselves to other human beings all the time, right? The me at the moment, I start looking at someone else. I start feeling bad about my own life, you know, because Oh, they've got more funnier. They're happier there. There's all these different things I'm comparing myself and all of a sudden I'm not comfortable with who I am anymore. So to play that comparison game is very difficult. It's very dangerous as well and confident is a really big thing because confidence comes from your own experience, from your own belief in yourself. And most people, they don't have many experiences because they don't push themselves outside of that comfort zone very often. And so when I think about confidence, especially in this field, it's very difficult if you're going out to sell a video that is essentially just trying to take someone else's money and in a sense like, hey, I want to charge as much as possible for this, but it's much easier to do it when you're looking at it from a win-win perspective. And I found that when you can tie your value to something that's not you, but something else, confidence is almost like it just radiates out of you. Because, hey, if every dollar you spend with me, I make you five in return, why wouldn't you want to spend more? Right? That confidence should radiate out of everyone. Because if you can do that, every person you work with, you are delivering a massive benefit to a massive service to absolutely. And on that, the comparing yourself to other people. Yeah, that's poisonous. Don't do that. Because when I got here, I was like, this whole agency over here is doing all this awesome stuff and they're doing all this awesome stuff and I have this little tiny bundle a year and I'm renting an office I can barely afford. And, and, and I was like, man, that everybody's doing so good and I felt crappy about it, but at the end of the day I realized there's no way that you're ever going to gain anything if you don't try it. And in that comfort zone, that's where you never want to be. You'll be reading. This is where the magic happens right over here. So I've learned to live outside of this, you know, this, but I want to be over here. I want to be thrown into the wolves. I want to push myself to do something I haven't done before and make a team make it. Sometimes, you know, that's really, you got to do that. But like, just having the ability to stand up and, and you know, basically say we're going to do this. You know, we're not. It's not a debate on whether or not we're going to do this as how and when we're going to do this. So a question, a question for you on that then. Did you know not having the competence and the experience in delivering commercial campaigns before, after you join next level creators? What was your confidence level at once you made that decision and you joined, was it higher? Were you just ready to go? Oh, I can't tell you how many Aha moments I had going through the course. Like I can tell you put so much effort into that and so much research and you know, I can't imagine all the people you worked with to get all that together, but it was like all these burning questions that I didn't have written down on the list. We're just answered as I went through it and I'm not just making this bullshit up, you know, to, to, uh, to just stroke your ego or build commercial. Like that's really what it was. I was going through and I was like, Oh my God, I've always needed to know that and that makes total sense about this. Over here and then if I, if this means this, then that means that as you deductive reasoning, you know, and all that other jazz. So yeah, going through it, I gained so much more confidence just because I had the knowledge that I was lacking and you can watch youtube videos about the same thing and get 50 different answers. And then when I was going through your course, I was like, okay, this makes logical sense. I applied it and it got results and I was like, all right, so this is, this is exactly what I needed to figure out, you know, and trying to figure out on your own, it's going to take forever, you know, I would rather invest my money into something that I know is going to benefit me, which is why these businesses want to invest money with me because I'm going to benefit that same thing. Different ballgame. But yeah, that's. I mean, as I was going through, and I'm still not finished, you know, I'm near the end, but even the first month I was like, okay, here's an opportunity. I can do a or B. I could go, hey, I'll, yeah, I'll make you a video because we're interested in making a video. We can do that and I wash my hands, you know, see later, maybe I'll call you next month or I go for it and I say I want to make you a video, but are you guys doing facebook ads or any kind of Google marketing? Are you doing any of that? We want to, um, we thought about it. We started a facebook page. We made an event for our, for our VIP already be and all this other stuff. I'm like, do you have somebody actually creating ads and generating with direct sales, more business. Do you have anybody doing? No. Okay. So I want to give you guys a deal on a video and ongoing management and I'll tell you why. And then I went into, you know, the reasons and the benefits of it. And they were like, yeah. So the funny story is my first client already had already had an agency, a big agency, a google partner agency, right. And that was like, oh. And they didn't tell me that at first they said, yeah, we want to do, but we haven't really figured it out. Well, they already did that. They already signed the contract and I had a second meeting. They told us that and I said, okay, well, you know, it's not what you said the first time, but what, um, what, what are they doing, you know? And they're like, well, they're doing google ad words or doing the facebook ads and you know, they're managing all that stuff. And I said, okay, do you have, just out of curiosity because I know some things about this, I just want to see what they're doing for you and if you're getting a good deal because I want to help you either way, whether or not we work together, I'm just curious to see what they're offering. And they're like, yeah, yeah, we'd love a second opinion. So then they went and they showed me their contract and I was like, well, first of all, you know, you're going to have them manage all the people that come in and contact. Well, you're the owner of your business. You're going to want somebody new that you don't even know, and Nashville or probably an India answering all of your text messages or all of your facebook messages. And they're like, oh, I don't know. I'm like, think about it. Some lady's mad about a review. Do you want them to answer it or do you want to just snuff the fire? Immediately? Like, okay, that's a good idea. I'm like, well, they're charging $800 a month just to do that. So that's one way you can save money over here. You know, they're doing this. Okay. They got the facebook ads, what are they actually doing and how often they go through it. And I was like, okay, so this is very ambiguous. They're not telling you exactly anything they're doing about any strategies whatsoever. They're just like facebook $1,500. And I was like, I don't know man. So they're like, you know what, we're going to a conference in Tampa and we are going to be meeting them and they are a sponsor of this tech conference like you to come along with, you know, and if they ask your are our marketing manager just come along and then give us your feedback on what they say. So I had a meeting literally with their old digital marketing person, agent and she clearly was a salesmen and didn't know anything about the whole process. She didn't know anything about the specifics because I gave them questions to ask her before based on what I learned from your course like the prior week and because I knew it and understand it and, and I was like, okay, this makes sense and I can back myself up. If they ask me these questions I can back it up. And so they went into it and she just didn't have a straight answer for anything. And then we went over the ads that they create it and you can tell that they were outsourced to India because it didn't make any sense. There was like a large balding guy. And a spa, like how is that going to grab anybody's attention and the coffee, the coffee was grammatically terrible. And so I was like, you know, you guys do, can you get any way, any way of getting out of this contract because I like to help you out. I'll give you a great deal. I'm not going to make you do a long term one year thing. You feel it out and if you're happy with me then we'll, we'll go that route. And you know, after we get established maybe we'll have renegotiated and what the value is and everything. It looked like. That sounds great. So they got on the phone, they're like, look, we want our money back and if you don't get her money back problems because we're going to go the other direction. So then they went with me and I took on all that responsibility and within the first month after studying in my first ad's and I went through and I looked at all the kpis and I saw what was working. Okay, this copy and this boat was working. This one's doing absolutely nothing and this one's going crazy over here and these two have this, this, and this and comment, this, this, and this. Common. I turned off everything else. I doubled down and all those I duplicated those, adds random some more and I was at the spot a day and the manager was telling the owner in front of me, she's like, I can respond to these calls. Fascinated like we're going to. We're already at capacity for our VIP party for. They're like already at capacity. It's like, congratulations. Yeah, thanks. And I was just by doing just following the simple steps because it makes logical sense, but going through all of that, they were just elated. Like they're so happy, you know, because this is, you know, this is debbie. And they trusted me and I said, you know what, I'm going to do this and we'll do it on a trial period. Ongoing. I'd like to, you know, negotiate an ongoing thing. And then for the other branches, other opening and they said absolutely. So it was like a dream come true because I was actually actually able to deliver. I feel good about it, they're happy about it and then it's going to scale further. Oh, and on top of that, another little cherry on top franchise and I got on a conference call with the. At the time I didn't notice the coo of the franchise, which is, they have thousands of locations across the country. Right. I didn't know he was a coo and I was talking to talking to him about the landing pages and how garbage they were and how bad their all the errors that I found on their website and the user experience and you know, this, that and the other. I literally made a list on my, on my tablet and on the phone call with all four of them. I wasn't a Dick, but I was very blunt about it. I was like, look man, they hired me to do a service for them and I understand that their franchises are only these right here, but your entire corporate structure is affecting them and everybody else. So here's what I had to suggest that we fix right now. And I went through everything and after that I talked to the owner and the owner was like, wow, I got to say you got some balls. And I was like, what do you mean? He's like, well, that, that, I mean, you know, he was a coo, right? And I was like, I thought he was an it guy. I thought he was the web guy. Like, no, he's like second or third in command over the entire massive conglomerate. And then he calls them back and says, can we work out a way that he can do our marketing on a corporate level? And also do our videos too, because they send them my videos. And then they came to me with that and I was like, absolutely, but I want to make sure that you guys are serviced. So if you're paying me to do this stuff right now, they should be paying me and you shouldn't have to do this. If they're going to use it across all platforms, you know, they should be cosponsoring your marketing budget if they're going to be using it everywhere else. And they're like, absolutely. So it's like, all right, well let's negotiate some terms and then everybody wins. So it was turned into a massive victory and that's just one client. It was like wow. And then after that it's addictive because you just like win after win, after win after win. And I am able to explain all this stuff because I understand it for the first time, you know, I do like this much now that I've gone through it and I've figured everything out, like it's making sense right now. The energy, the vibe that I'm getting from you is like you're a firework that was just lit. It just got shot out of the candidate, but it hasn't exploded yet. Still just go out. That's the energy that I'm getting, which is awesome. It's such an exciting thing when you've been doing something. And how. How long have you been in the video world? I've been in the video world, Oma, well, I was in photography specifically first and then I segwayed into video a couple of few years ago. So I would say for sure for years. That was proud of the first video that I did that was actually professional before that I was doing photos and yeah, we'll we'll say we'll say four years, so even so for years you could spend it back further, but this time that you spent and invested in this energy and this passion that you had to master something to learn this art form, to be able to take it to people and share and collaborate and learn and that, I mean that's one of the biggest reasons we all get into this creative field in the first place and now for you to start to learn and master the business skills and pair those two things together, I always think of it as like a tool belt, like you've invested so much of your energy into mastering the tools for creativity. Now you've added the second pouch on that tool belt and you put in these new tools for business and you master those as well. You just skyrocket and that's what I'm getting from you right now. It's this amazing feeling. It's beautiful because I use that. I used to be a carpenter. I use that as a tool belt and sometimes people ask me, well, can you do this? I'm like, no, but I got a guy in my tool belt. Yeah. Was like when I was flipping houses way back in the day trying to pay for all the cameras that I was buying when I first started out, know we have a tool belt and we had a good plumber, a good electrician, a good drywaller in our skills together, and then you build out. So same analogy. It's hilarious. He used that. So now that we know where you are, I mean you've got four clients are already making over six figures. You're only two months in. Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months? Where are you going to take based on media? You know, I actually can't even. I can't even put a limit on it. I can't even put a cap on it. The things that I've gotten into are pretty big and I can't really talk about some of them, but at the end of the day I'm. What I'm going to do in the next 12 months is going to be more significant than my entire career. That sounds. Anything that, that puts a stamp on it. They don't teach you any business skills in art school. So it's pretty much like, you know, here you go, you know how to do something but you know how to do the rest of it and good luck. But now now that I have these business skills and, and I haven't had a personal interest in developing more business skills and knowledge along the way because I knew it was important, but I never realized how vital it was to grow. Like you literally cannot. You plateau and you can't get anywhere else without having the skills and the knowledge and the gumption to go after it, but mainly the skills and the knowledge to, to take what you know, how to do best and, and convert it into a business valuable package. Something that you know, you can actually deliver over and over and scale over and over. Like the possibilities are limitless now. And before it was such a struggle and I was like, what am I doing wrong? Like I feel like I'm a perfectionist most of the time and I may not have the greatest videos or the greatest photos or anything else, but I feel like I'm pretty competent in it. But why am I struggling so much when there's so much opportunity everywhere? And the more that I studied your class, the more I realized that there's a whole nother, you know, there's a whole nother section that I just didn't even know about and it's like hitting the fast track. It's like you're on a drag strip and you hit boost on your turbo was like. And then once you go up there's no way you're going back, you know? Yeah. You're a new person, you have the skills, the tools, and then you can just keep going from there and keep building. So that's great. Yeah. I'm at the point right now where I'm like, one of my top priorities is figure out how to get all these people in place to work for me. Like I've literally never had to hire people before then assistant, you know, maybe at most for people for a major shoot. But now I'm like, okay, with this client over here, they're literally bringing me a hundred and 50 clients through their company that they're already servicing on a different type of marketing platform and they're going to online video and they want me to do all of it and there's no way that I can in the next six months shoot 150 plus videos on my own. So I brought in every good video guy that has been working for me on jobs here and there and I'm like, you know, what, what would it look like in the next couple months if I brought you two to three things to do every week, you know? And that's just one client. And then I have this other one over here that has three more franchises that are going to need to be serviced. And that's not that big of a deal. Like I can handle that. But over here we have this new piece of software that is they're going to bring to market. And that is going to need an entire marketing team because it's going to be so huge, but that, that's kind of a complicated thing to explain, but I mean, the clients that are, I'm just straightforward doing videos and doing their online marketing, you know, those things all have potential to go from here to here. And I'm basically having to plan ahead. I'm, I'm having to, you know, when you're playing pool, you got to be two, two or three shots ahead of the guy that you're playing to win. And so right now I'm in like, I'm thinking like two months, three months ahead of now because these things are falling into place and we're executing and we're moving on this plan of action. So that's, that's also something that I'm having to learn. Um, you know, delegation. But that's the key to scaling. But that's exciting. But I mean, just, just the fact that I had a few opportunities and I just said, you know what? I'm not going to do this. How I've always done it. I'm going to do this the px way. I'm going to go in there and I'm going to deliver this proposal and I'm going to make them see the value in it now and honestly it wasn't that difficult. There was very little push back. There was some questions which I promptly answered, but I mean at the end of the day, it's. It's the difference of of having a steady paycheck that you're growing versus not knowing when the next one's coming and what it's going to be. It's just night and day. That's it. It's. It's outstanding. For anyone who just watch this, who got to learn from your story, who may be in a similar situation. Maybe they're struggling with one of the things you mentioned, maybe it's confidence. Maybe it's they're working gig that gig right now doing video production. Maybe they've just moved and they're comparing themselves to all the other amazing video crews around the big fancy equipment and they're trying to figure out how do I differentiate myself? How do I break out? How do I actually provide for my family with this creative skillset that I have and that I, I, I want to do. Okay. Would you recommend the next level creators program to them and why? Yup, thousand percent. I would recommend it. And, uh, a few reasons for that is it's not only a course that shows you how to grow your business in generalities. It's a corsage. It was you how to develop skills that aren't directly related to video production into digital marketing, but just invaluable business skills like your time management and you know the, the surrounding yourself. That's something I firmly believe in is you will become who you surround yourself with. You have to surround yourself with people that are doing better than you or more successful than you because in order to keep up with them, you have to push yourself. If you're hanging out with people that are down here and you know that your skill set is higher than them or they're going out to the bar all the time or whatever, like this is a course that will not only focus your energy and the power of focus, it will show you how to take your skillset that you have now grow that and then take this business section and then grow that. And then the entire thing combined is, is like where everybody ultimately wants to go, so you have skills that are in business and negotiating and time management and you know, just personal development and that's all things that I've been very focused on. But you know, this is kind of like kind of like the reader's digest. So the important stuff. And then the digital marketing is just, it's so powerful because having the ability to put a value on what you're doing is the difference of having a tiny company that makes you 60 k a year and barely pays your bills and gives you endless anxiety and stress and you never have peace of mind that you're killing it and you're never, you know, the difference between that. And then taking your skills and then being stoked every day because what you're working on is growing and that there's more opportunity. Like before I was like, man, I don't really know what I'm going to do over here, over here, over here. But all of a sudden you like, I can make money there. I can help him and make money there. I can make money there and I can help him and make money there or her there. So the, the program absolutely recommend. Okay, for several reasons. So those, that's it. I mean, if you're down here and it seems like a bunch of money, you know, I thought so too. It's more than paid for itself in. It will continue to pay for itself. So invest in yourself. If you're on the fence, if you want to do something, if you're proactive, you have that drive. This is going to give you the ability to springboard into success. So take the plunge, study hard and you know, focus, cut all of the distractions out of your life and literally see what you can do. Put yourself to the test. Test yourself because that's what I did and you know, maybe my friends think I'm deceased or nonexistent. I see him once in a while, but every time I hang out with them again, it's like no time has ever passed. So don't worry about that. You know, leaving the things that aren't making you money over here and focus on what's gonna make you money and what's going to bring you to the next step. Using Paul's program is, is it just do it literally do it. Just call me. I love how you said challenge yourself because that honestly, that really is what it is. I mean, when I think about it like what I, what's in the program, it's not easy by any means like it is very difficult because you have to be focused. You have to in a sense sacrifice, but when you're willing to do it, when you're willing to cut everything that isn't servicing you, isn't it helping you be the highest version of yourself and you're ready to, to take things to that next level. That's when it's time to challenge yourself. That's when it's time to invest in yourself and go all in. So I love hearing your story. I love seeing your firework energy. It is just. I mean, it's astounding and I can't wait to do another one of these interviews and a couple of years and at that point in time we'll be talking about where the tens of millions are coming from for you and who the next hires are going to be for you. So we'll go. Awesome. Don't be afraid. Just literally challenge yourself is something that you think may seem impossible or really difficult to do. Just try it. Just literally put everything you have into it. I mean, I'm working in private jets and yachts and stuff. I would never. I didn't even know anything about it, but I was like, you know what? I'm going to try it because the worst I can get as a note and it's. I got yeses and even after 150 no's, I still have a couple of yeses here and there. Now with all this, all this knowledge, I get a lot more yeses, so that's something to think about too. Awesome. Zach, thank you so much for sharing your story. We'll go ahead and thank you all for watching. If you have any questions for Zach as he said, um, you can find him on facebook ads. Zach mcnally, um, I might link profile if he is okay with that in the comments sections I were below. That's fine. I mean, he goes, not blowing me up and just go to my company to go to the media. Awesome. Everybody, thanks for watching. And until next time.
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