• Name: Wim Symoens
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Description:

    Wim was providing content for his clients which they loved, but he understood they were not distributing it properly in order to truly grow from their investment. Wim is excited to apply what he has learned in the Next Level Creators in order to not only create content, but to handle the distribution in order to foster a long lasting relationship with his clients where they can both grow as a result.


Hey guys, my name is Wim Symoens from uh, Antoine, my company is Clickable Video. Uh, you're here with me in my living room and, uh, if you're tired of looking at me, you can look at this nice lady was bite of our household. So I mean basically you have the choice. Um, okay, let me get, get into a next level creators. I encountered Paul and, and his a course and through his online offering to the campaign is running, which is highly effective. I, which taps into the pain points that I have is um, um, uh, I provide content for my clients. Content is all good. You're happy clients, but not the growth. We don't have the results that we would like. I would love to see my clients grow more and to use the video content that we make, uh, that we all use that more effectively to create better business for them. And I was also aware of this for this for a couple of years already and uh, I found a solution in, in, in Paul's course. I mean, there's no other word for it. Um, I went through it. Uh, it's incredibly detailed and well put together. Apart from the core is the value of the course is the community, the online community through Facebook and a, the Q and A's, the weekly Q and A's. Um, so the, the, the, the wealth of tapping into this worldwide community of filmmakers create online, uh, funnels for their clients. I think it's amazing. I'm in a stage now where I'm really anxious of starting it up. Uh, I have my first climb, uh, lined up, so we're, we're about ready to roll. Um, and my business has got to go through a transition of first being a content provider or a video produced video production company to a video poker or video marketing partner where I want to aim as creating the, uh, the videos on one hand and getting the strategy linked to adapt. So I think it's perfectly possible to have lesser clients and to become their longterm partner. That's basically, uh, what I, what I'm aiming at for next 10, 15 years because that's the most value for my clients. So, uh, thank you. Uh, took Paul, thank you to everyone involved in a next level creators and to everyone who's considering, uh, the course I think is great value for money and, uh, got fresh air. Do it.
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