• Name: William Foster
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Folsom, CA
  • Description:

    William always wanted to provide a very high level of value to his clients as a video creator. After chatting with a past client about how the video he had created for them was performing, they were unable to provide a real concrete answer. This left William looking for a system to distribute the videos he was producing for clients in order to drive a return on investment. That’s when he came across the Next Level Creators program.


About seven years ago, I added video services to my photography business and one of the things that I've always wanted to provide to my clients was a very high level of value. I wanted to provide amazing video. I wanted to do great storytelling, and I thought those were the things that really mattered the most to my clients. Until a few months ago I was able to chat with somebody who I had done a video for a couple of years ago. And in asking them how much value it brought to them or how many clients they thought they had brought in or how much revenue, they really couldn't answer any of these questions. And it got me to thinking that I really wanted to be able to go that extra mile for my clients to be able to provide something else. That that just simply wasn't there for most other filmmakers. And that was to be able to prove the Roi or the return on investment that those clients receive from the work that we produce for them. So I started researching on the web to find out, you know, how do you make, you know, marketing campaigns with the videos that we create. And um, the, the information that I found out there was just very confusing. There was a ton of information there was in consistency's a across most of the things that we've found. The next level creators program really piqued my interest in being able to provide this extra level of value for my clients, not to mention the additional revenue that it can create for myself as a business. Um, so I looked into it and I was very intrigued by it. So I jumped on the phone with Shannon and really enjoyed my conversation with her and really discovered that, uh, there is hope out there for people who are looking for this kind of information. It doesn't have to be confusing and the, the creation, the, the system that Paul has created for us to go through and learn those tactics all in one neat package is really the way to go. Um, the, the volume of content in there as well as the quality of content really surprised me for the value that I felt like I paid. Um, and I'm looking forward to using this information to build up my own business and not only that, but to provide extra values of the clients that I've always wanted to provide. Thanks so much.
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