• Name: Vin Demilio
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Woodbridge, NJ
  • Description:

    Vin Demilio discusses how his production company Simply Visual is taking control of their creative work after wrestling with agencies for so long, thanks to the mindset training Next Level Creators has provided them.


In the beginning of a lot of the issues you were facing where we were basically being bossed around by our, our clients had all the leverage. They knew how to work us around to get the best possible results for them, but we weren't getting what we needed on our end. He kept bringing up this video. He said something about it one day I tried to watch it. The next it was gone. A couple of months later it comes back on. It grabs our attention. When we were on a spot where it wasn't, we weren't having too much fun. We're going out there with shooting eight jobs a day, coming home or and a bunch of photos. Now we got to upload them real estate all day long just to house, to house to house a five. It's eight need houses and get home. You upload, you hit it all day long and again to see Paul on on Facebook and I think maybe a little bit on Instagram, but I would see these, these ads from this guy and I would, you know, I would, I would have interest and he would just lean it. Speak to me. There was problems that I was having a day to day basis. It was very late. I understand where he's coming as an average person. I scrolled to it, know I let it be after week and this is what I knew something. There was something special about this guy like heat. He knew how to get in front of me, which I really respected or at least I didn't respect it then as much as I do now, like after taking the course and being in the course, my mind has expanded so much to the point where I feel like I understand things in a much larger scale than I ever have before. Like I understand where Paul was coming from when he was targeting me week after week. I mean it, it probably took him about six weeks to fully real man. I'm more into the program, maybe, maybe pretty planning involved I will say is after about a month or so I ended up showing tie one of the ads and I actually remember thought of that. You signed up for the call and a day after day, we've been, we've been listening to Paul in the morning. Yeah. And we'd get up, we'd have her coffee, we put the episode on, we'd have one or two episodes. Then we do, you know, a couple of worksheets and sit there and try to try to learn what he is talking about the rest of our day. But it became such a routine that, that both of us would look forward to. I mean, we still do that positive, still doing that. Positivity is the most amazing thing you could have in there in your life. [inaudible].
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