• Name: Valeriya Paine
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Description:

    Valeriya explains how despite being new to the Next Level Creators program and new to entrepreneurship, she can already see how it will transform her approach to doing business as a video creator.


Hi, my name is Valeriya I been with creative community for um, about two months. Okay. I purchased the course. Yeah, I think about two months ago. My businesses with very new my business. I quit my day job about six months ago and started my business. I struggled. My clients were all word of mouth. I struggle with okay, getting new clients I guess. Um, I had no confidence and tomorrow I did not know when or where my next band will comes as a, and the has been my bills obviously. So it was very frustrating and I had a lot of doubts about if, um, this is the right choice or not. I found Paul's a video on Facebook and I don't know, we, I, I had a feeling I'd had a way, purchased it pretty much. There's not the same day, but um, two days later because it was thanksgiving and things were a little crazy and I'm very happy that I purchase that course. It gave me a lot of confidence in the future of my business. I will definitely to command the um, next level creators, sue other videographers because it just simply benefits you in so many ways. First of all, the information provided by the courses. Great. The support is amazing. Every person who were starting their own business struggle was the same thing, feeling a little. It's all on them. They're all alone. And that's not the case here. Um, you get a lot of support. Where do I see myself going? I see myself going to stable life. I'll say the first week was when I watched the first week I was all well and saw, no, I will not do this. I cannot do it. I didn't know anything about my niche market. I knew the devil no be calling people asking questions. So I was, I was a little overwhelmed. Okay. I decided not to stress about it. I decided, okay, um, I bought this and I'm going to just let it take me where it's supposed to take me. So I opened my mind and I decided I'm just going to go through the videos and the ones I get the whole picture will choose what works. What doesn't work for me. That was a great idea to think that way. I got to the week two and s three, and it's amazing. The average old information is on point, the supportive. So documentation is, is great. Um, it really very well done right now. I am, um, I watched the course. Right now I'm working on implementing everything that I see. I'm rewatching sorts of parts of the course and implementing it in my business. I want to, I want to thank for, thank you for putting this together. I want to thank for the support. I'm very happy that I joined and my eat the transforming my business and yeah, given me confidence in the future of my business. Thank you.
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