• Name: Valentin Gallone
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Description:

    Valentin was having trouble finding the right job for him. That’s why he decided to become an independent filmmaker and join NLC.


I finished film school around a year before joining the next level creators program. Um, during that time I was mostly looking for jobs. That's all I was doing for pretty much a year. Uh, and I was a, I sent maybe three, 400 cvs, yet the competition is so high in the filmmaking world that I was just not able to get anything. Uh, but I got one or two jobs out of this, but they were either, uh, not, not good fit, not a good fit for me, or they were just really low paying salaries or just an internship, which is a also unpaid. So that didn't help me cover my bills. Um, I was also doing a couple of freelance gigs on the side. Uh, but they were never a pain more than perhaps 300 euro. That was the big macs I ever got while freelancing without the program. I found out about the Next Level Creators course. Uh, in August, I believe I was just scrolling through Facebook during my holiday time in Bulgaria and, um, and uh, I saw a bunch of these kind of marketing course like his in the past, um, a lot of people trying to sell this course on Facebook, but somehow Paul Xavier's course attracted me because I felt that I could relate to what he was saying, that as an independent film maker, it's very hard to make any income without proper sales planner and proper, uh, methodology on and giving x that extra value to your clients. So, um, then I signed up for the course. I signed up for the free consultation first. Uh, I was still very skeptical, but that sales call, everything makes so much sense to me. I just wanted to buy the course right away. I had to figure out how to accumulate enough money to buy it. But fortunately I have a supportive girlfriend that helped me. Uh, I've asked my parents to help me out on this and um, and I don't regret it one bit. It literally changed my life. It literally changed the way that I, I feel I can provide value for my clients. Uh, it changed my state of mind. Everything. I feel like I have such a better license joining the program. I mean the courses are, um, have a lot of value in them and is basically, uh, you have all of the instructions in order to give value to your customers. Uh, it's like instructions you follow from a to z and if you put in the work, if you, if you really do what he advises you to say, if you follow the advice of the community, then you can be successful in filmmaking. Uh, and in marketing in general actually, because it's much more than just the film makers course actually don't learn anything about film. You, you just learn sales, you learn digital, social media marketing and uh, and yeah, so now I've made a couple of calls I've made to clients. My first two clients for the first five months, I was still working a full time job, so I didn't not put enough effort in order to obtain climbs. But, uh, I've really started in December to create my own sales funnel. And I created the, and I, it was over by January. I finished it in January, and by January I was able to find two high ticket clients, uh, one which was in my niche per three d printers, and another one, which is selling stock photography for magazines. And, uh, I have more sales meetings coming up. I hope that, um, I can get approximately two, three clients per month and keep the ball rolling that way. And in the future, I hope that I can get, uh, get some employees. So first of all, employ my girlfriends so that we are able to move throughout the world as we wish, as the management of the sales funnels can be done anywhere in the world, uh, and perhaps potentially find clients in other countries travel. Really, that's the dream right?
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