• Name: Tyler Lowe
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Description:

    Tyler had been working for years in video production when she decided to start her own business. Quickly she realized she wanted to be able to offer clients more than high quality video, she wanted to offer a strong value proposition. The goal was to increase her video client base and her earnings, so she joined the Next Level Creators program.


Hi, my name is Tyler and I'm here to tell you about my experience with the next level creators course. So far. I enrolled in this course pretty recently, about a year after starting a video production business. That first year was good, it was successful, but I was looking for a way to take the business to the next level. My client base and skill set so far had um, basically included content management, production management, scripting, a lot of um, video production focus, uh, which was good, but I felt that was ultimately limiting. I'm thinking about, you know, broadening a client base, diversified client base and growing a sustainable business. Um, my value proposition was basically create high quality video content. Is that a differentiator? You know? Yes. But you know, no. Um, I enrolled in the course because I was looking for a way to improve the value proposition I have for my clients and having a value proposition tied to their bottom line. Tied to Roi, tied to grow world was up. Results is something I was looking, looking to do. A, I had a bit of a background in digital marketing. I did a few Google ad words, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. I'm campaigns in the past, but not very much, very, very limited. And I felt that I needed a little bit of a skills boost, uh, to really be able to offer that successfully to clients. And, uh, so far in just, um, you know, just getting started in the course, but I found that the community itself is super supportive and super, um, invested in their success and also everyone else's success. Um, I wasn't expecting the course to be as demanding as it is between the amount of information, but also the level of personal commitment that's required to take your business to the next level. Makes sense that that's the case. But, um, basically I found it so hard to be really, um, you know, challenging and something I look forward to throwing myself into wholeheartedly over the next several months and a year.
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