• Name: Tyler and Carmen
  • Creative: Commercial Filmmaker
  • Location: Aguascalientes, Mexio
  • Description:

    Tyler and Carmen discuss going the traditional film school route, working project to project with multiple brands, and always struggling to guarantee a return on investment for prospects. After joining the Next Level Creators program, they found out what had been missing from their film school education… how to actually secure clients and make a profit!


- What attracted me to the NLC program was that, you know it was geared towards film makers but it talked about a concept that I think we come across just through offering a video service and it is a lot of our clients don't know how to use these videos, right? And the internet and social media are such big things right now and we kinda, at the time that we got into the program, I kinda knew that we needed to be teaching or helping our clients know how to distribute their videos to make an actual profit out of this video, I didn't know how, so what the NLC taught me and what's appealing to me was that it would teach me exactly that. How to make it so that the product was not only a luxury thing or like everybody needs to have a video so it's check, it was an actual tool for them to bring in revenue, that's what attracted me to the program. - Before we had been introduced to NLC we had a conversation about giving our product to our clients so we'd make this awesome video and we'd give it to the client, only to go on their YouTube or Facebook channel to see that nobody had seen it or friends and family had seen it. How do we get better results for our client by giving them a high quality video which you know in today's market isn't enough any more. So around that same time, that's when Paul came up on our Facebook feed and it spoke right to us. It was like he was in that conversation we had just the week before, so it was incredible how the timing was amazing. So where we were in our business model was just like any other kind of videography, find a client, get the product, find the next client. So there is that atmosphere of are we gonna get another job, we have to work extra hard to find them. Fortunately for us, we had consistent work with the same client. But once we found out about the NLC, to us it was like whoa this is a great way for us to make more consistent standard of living. - Yeah, and if I can add to that, I think we were relying a lot on word of mouth, and it's like Paul said that time we talked to him, he was like hope marketing, it's like I hope someone recommends me and even then you know, I know there are certain techniques to like the word of mouth work for you, but we weren't really doing that, and clients sometimes because it's a higher ticket service we're offering, again they don't see the need, they don't need it right now. So it was hard, we were in a tough position, where we wanted to generate more predictable income and we couldn't, so that's where we were. - [Tyler] I think our goals are actually are a lot in line, our goals for our business for the future are a lot in line with what Paul talks about, having more freedom, and that's financial freedom, that's time freedom, that's the freedom to travel and to experience new things, the freedom to be more creative is a big one for me. I come form a story-telling kind of background, which a lot of us do and which is why it speaks to us so much, to have recurring income and then once we have that recurring income being able to be free to be creative. And that spoke to me a lot. - [Carmen] Yeah in terms of goals, after implementing the NLC, obviously I want to grow, we want to grow, we want to make bigger, we wanna have a solid income, break through income, but what I wanna do with that is, I would definitely want to take what I know and maybe start my own line of products that I can also do e-commerce with, because I really like e-commerce, I would love to start that, you know on side and just travel, have a little bit more of time for to say you know what I can afford to take a vacation. It's not that I want a car, or specific house, but I want to know that I can afford it when I want that. Well the creator community, like the Facebook group, is very helpful because you have a group of people that are going through the same things, but some are more advanced than others. So to me, it really helps to know that alright if I really hit a road block, I can come back here and ask and they're gonna support me and they're not only gonna know what I'm going through, but they'll also know how to solve it, so it's like alright I feel, we feel more assured that we're not gonna terribly fail or have no where to turn. Even if they just, Paul or anybody, just by showing some experience or pointing us to a resource or everything. That's in terms of the Facebook group, and obviously the set of courses that are online I go back to them when I learn something new that I didn't see the first time, you know? So it's really good to have, I think perspective. To me going back and the ability just you know, watch them any time, and now that they're on mobile for me that's really useful because sometimes I'm driving and I just wanna listen to it. - Community wise it's a lot of the same things, I mean it's having that feedback from, without that fear of stranger judgment, you know? Sometimes you get in a Facebook group and it's the wild west in there sometimes, 'cause you got a thousand members and people are just flinging out whatever they can think but we have a community that's a bit more tight, and we're investing in our future so people are going on there because they care more about getting the results as opposed to, I don't know any other kind of open and free group that's not gonna give you a lot of value. So for me, being in the group is great because I feel comfortable if I have a problem, if I need a question answered, or if I just wanna help somebody and solidify the knowledge that I already know, I can go in there and be sure that's a great place to be to get value. - And in terms of the event, I think for us, we just needed a pattern interrupt, because we were in the same thing, you know we've been in this for actually like 8 months. - You get stuck in the office man - Yeah and we're like, you know it's a cycle so you're working hard - It's the same thing bouncing off walls and shit man - So we really need to be like, alright we need to do this, we're gonna come, we're gonna pay attention and we've gone through the program but it just helps to see people who are doing this. And I think the one thing that really stuck to me was like the one thing, focus on one thing. So that's exactly why we needed to, I mean that's what was keeping us back, a lot of it was focusing on too many things instead of one. - I would certainly recommend NLC or the Next Level Creators program for somebody that does what we do in terms of video production because man the climate is changing, and it's changing fast. You can get, like the camera you guys are using here, the Panasonic GH4, GH5 at a very reasonable price and pump out really incredible images for somebody and that price is going down for somebody who focuses more on the message, focuses more on how to get that content in front of somebody's face. You know this is the kind of program you want to be a part of, and having that structure for business, right? So the creators, the creator operating system, right it enables us to have, which is what they don't teach us in film school right, they don't teach us they teach me how to shoot a million dollar budget film, but they don't teach me how to organize and see I didn't go to school for producing, she did. She knows more about that, but as someone who learned more technical side of how to work in a film, television, video environment, man I never was taught how to organize my clients, my finances, my XYZ, it wasn't business school man. I was learning an art, so having this available for me to have a portal, have a community, and to learn these things on my own time and be proactive about it, is really the value is more than what you pay, really. I think the value here is also having the capacity to not only have steady income but also to scale. Because you can scale it to wherever you want, and there's obviously certain steps to that, but if you're willing to do the work, which is something I tell them, we're already work X amount of hours a week, if I put in the effort in the right place and in the right direction, we could be making a lot more money and have a lot more time and I just see the difference with how I talk to my clients now, it's like they wanna know more, they ask me questions, and they ask me for advice. Before, if I was only offering video they would not, they would look me different, and it's just because I offer them much more value, so the capacity of offering that much value, I think is something that if you want to grow, if you want do, yeah if you wanna grow you need to learn how to do that.
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