• Name: Travis Petty
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Description:

    Travis was riding the project to project roller coaster that is the life of a freelancer in video production. He found the Next Level Creators program when he decided to look for a better way of conducting business as a filmmaker tired of the freelance rat race. So far he attributes some big wins with clients to the lessons he has gleaned from the program.


All right. Travis Petty here, shine 49 media house. Hey, just want to talk about the next level creators program. Um, before it, I was really just doing what most of us do, which is project to project riding the roller coaster. Like I say, a freelance roller coaster. Even though I've had a company official, you know, name to operate under, you're essentially a freelancer. If you are going project to project, uh, there's no deciding or determining how much you're going to make next month. You keep hoping it, hoping that it goes well and sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Um, you save up when it's really good if you're wise, uh, to make it through the peaks, uh, from, from the peaks down to the valleys. And so that's what life was like. Um, and you know that that can get old obviously over time. Um, I found the program through his Facebook ad which targeted me of course, spoke very well to me about creating that sustainable income. Um, and I decided to go for it. Um, my experience of working with Paul and going through the training program has been fantastic. Paul is super awesome, very, um, knowledgeable and forthcoming with that knowledge, um, available to help us kind of figure out that the, uh, the path to take, um, answers all kinds of questions on the forum and everything like that and the calls, um, that everything has been fantastic. The training itself, um, has really kind of like blown my mind, um, and rewired me from like down to the foundation of my beliefs and um, and my paradigms, uh, they get totally shifted and twist it all around and um, it just kind of reset me for learning in this new way of doing things and um, and starting to walk out some different principles, uh, in even the way I talk about what I do, even reframing what it is that I actually do. Uh, so it's no longer production, it's video driven marketing and really essentially it's results getting results for companies. That's what I do and just having to use video as my secret weapon. Right. So, um, that's been really interesting to kind of make that shift and change your brain, um, and the way you approach things. Um, let's see, what is it affected? Um, how has it affected my business in my life? Um, it's still in process of affecting my business in my life right now. I've had some early successes, not campaigns ongoing, uh, but just some big wins. Um, and I attribute part of that at least two. Um, the training and being able to speak, uh, in a way that gets attention and gets 'em the outcome that we're wanting a and provides the value that we're wanting, a including the, the going silent portion of earn the deal sales training after you build this big case of what it is, and then you say the price and then you stop talking. Uh, I found that to be very powerful. So, um, let's see, where do I see myself next? Um, getting those official first campaigns is where I see myself next time in the thick of it right now, getting all the different outreach efforts together, coding, outreach, missiles, what we call down as these videos that go out to directly to individuals. Uh, and then that'll be really powerful. I'm still looking to do my first actual campaign. Uh, and I've had a lot of conversations but just haven't landed one just yet. Um, but I know that's going to be coming up this year. Uh, what I recommend the creators, next level creators to others and why? Yes, of course. And I have actually, I've had several people, at least two, maybe three contact me on Facebook, um, because they'd seen my name in some of the material, I guess, uh, out outside of the Facebook group that showed, um, well they just wanted to ask me like, Hey, is this, is this legit? Is this, is this real? Is this, you know, valuable? Is this fruitful? And I said, yeah, absolutely. It's going to change your brain. It's a lot of hard work. I'll be honest with you. It has a lot of stuff to go through, but it's so deep and so rich, um, eh, that you and you need to go through it. Um, so I say it's well worth the effort and intention, uh, and the, the finances to, um, to invest in yourself to do it. Um, yeah. And why? Because, well, we all want that same thing, right? We want that consistent income, a retainer income. So we're not just trading dollars for days, days for dollars, or our time. Um, and in helping clients achieve what they want, right? Zig Ziglar, right? You've helped enough people achieve what they want and you're going to get what you want. So that's it. Can't recommend it. More. More than that. All right, thanks. Bye.
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