• Name: Tory Nelson
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Description:

    Tory was already experiencing solid success from his video production business before joining the Next Level Creators program. Still, he desired growth and felt as though his current model of doing business was not going to bring his wish to fruition. After attending a free training session with NLC, Tory was able to visualize how this new strategy was the path he needed to create that growth he was looking for.


Hello everybody. I'm Tori and I'm going to tell you about Paul Xavier's next level creators program. So before I joined Paul's program, Hey, I really liked what I was doing. I was filmmaker. I was seeing reasonable success, but I was sort of maxed out in my current business model in terms of how much money I could make. I didn't know what the path forward for me there was. I had no roadmap for where to go or how to do that. I first heard about the next level creators program on a Facebook ad. It looks like, you know, just another financial grew like trying to peddle off his class and to unsuspecting filmmakers. But the more I looked into it in, the more I saw the results. It started to look very, very interesting to me. It would really tipped me over. The edge is Paul has a little free training. I think it's about a half hour, 45 minutes long where he sort of gives you a preview of what you're in for, for the class, what, what is, what's the program going to teach you? How is it going to get you there? And that really impressed me because it very much was the roadmap I was looking for. It was that lighted path of take these steps already. The marketing and sales knowledge has been invaluable to my business. I've already seen growth, I work with a lot of ad agencies and I'm able to better understand, um, what their business model is like and that makes me more useful to them. And that has actually already led to more money for me because I've been able to prove my value to them in different ways. I'm planning on building a marketing and sales arm to my business. And, uh, the next level creators program is great for me cause it is that roadmap is the thing I'm looking for. And so I'm excited to keep on going through the program and continue to get great results.
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