• Name: Tony Cedillo
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: El Paso, TX
  • Description:

    Tony has worked on nearly every type of creative video project, but always found himself stuck trading his time for money. With a family at home he wanted to both support financially as well as spend more time with, Tony knew he needed to find a new way of running his video production company. Tony joined the Next Level Creators program to learn how to make his dream of making more money while having more free time a reality.


Okay. Hello, my name is Tony Cedillo. I'm doing everything from music videos, real estate, fitness videos, um, restaurants. And then before I joined this program, my moves all over the place. Um, I was trying to create a set for a music video to trying to communicate with, with realtors and they're big busy schedule and I'm being a father of four kids. It was, it's definitely a struggle trying to tackle all those jobs. But, um, I was enjoying it, but I felt like I wasn't gaining the most art fair. I felt like I wasn't using my time wisely. So before I joined this program, it was just a Max. Even though I haven't finished the program, I, within the first week I felt like I was, I was headed to a better place and I've been in a better place now I, um, ever since that first week, I've, uh, my mindset just changed thinking of niche marketing and getting more in depth into a certain criteria and not just being all over the place. The main struggles with me was that as a creative, I always felt like I, I don't want to just stick to something and I still don't feel like I need to stick to something. But I first, I feel like now I have a balance or, or a better understanding where I need to go step by step master one certain area before I move on. And I found out about Paul Xavier and the next level of career program through Facebook and his ads. It was even before I saw his campaign night, I always knew there was something that I was missing, that I was doing something wrong. And when, when they saw his campaign and they saw his videos and I read what he was all about it, it was, it was like, it was just a calling for me and then I would click go in and we'd just come out over and over again. Um, it was, it just makes sense to me. My experience, my experience has been nothing but great. I'm still not done with, uh, with, with a program. And I got to tell you that it's, it's been amazing. It's been giving me more clarity. It's been giving me tools that, that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. And even though I'm not finished, like I said with the program is just, it's just been amazing. Now I have more time to be home. Um, now I have goals. Now I now I ain't have somewhere where I had it too. And now clients are calling me because they see what I've done for other clients. And it's crazy because before I had to be hung, going, knocking on doors, even my family see it. They don't see me as stressed out. I don't see me as worried of what I'm going to do next or what video I'm going to go shoot in the exits. I see myself growing. Um, I see myself spending more time with your family, spending more time on, on personal projects, something that I've been dying to have more time for. I definitely recommend the next level creator program to everybody out there. It's a game changer. Okay.
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