• Name: Timothy Raley
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Mims, FL
  • Description:

    Timothy explains how before Next Level Creators, his business was inconsistent. Fighting for any job that would come his way left Timothy dealing with wildly unreliable pricing. Now he has a commercial campaign client with more on the way and a goal of earning 6 figures by the end of 2019.


Before the next level creators. My life was unpredictable. I was just trying to get any jobs that I could, film gigs I that I could get. A biggest thing I struggled with was just getting new gigs and so I get one work hard, finish it and then look for the next one. So it was very inconsistent. The money wasn't great. I think the most expensive video I ever told was like $600 for like a two minute video that was going to go on a guy's website. So I discovered Paul's course, next level creators when I was scrolling through Facebook and ad popped up so I didn't collect the first time. Second time I clicked, didn't want to put in my email address [inaudible] third time I was like, well, it won't hurt if I watched the free training, watched it. I was like, oh, there's some really valid points. And I just identified with a lot and then I bounced in the fourth time. I was like, well, you know, it wouldn't hurt if I sign up for one of these calls and just talk to him on the phone. I mean honestly, like what, uh, what did I had villages, so I got sold on the phone call and I signed up that day and it was a big investment for me. Uh, you know, it didn't have a lot of, a lot of money laying around, so, so it was pretty big. But, um, it's been so worth it, uh, before I just did not have the, does not have clear goals and I certainly didn't have a clear path to get there. And so this is just really laid things out step by step exactly what I need to do. And that part is really nice, but these steps are not easy. It isn't difficult. Course. You do have to get out of your comfort zone in, you do have to work hard. I have never had one regret about signing up for the class. And I on the first day where I was like, Ooh, I just been a little money. But, um, as soon as I got access to the pro program, I was like, okay, this is extensive. And I started going through it. And, um, the big thing is I was committed and I was like, I'm going to make this work no matter what. And so here I am, I've got my first client, we are on the cusp of launching our, our commercial campaign. And so it's really exciting. And, um, I have 10 big goals that are tangible. I want to be making $10,000 per month by the end of the year. Um, Paul would probably tell me that go higher. The community is awesome here. You do not have complainer's and whiners or people that are just here to stir up trouble. Um, everyone is here to get their stuff on the market and get results. So, uh, in that respect, we're all very unified and going in the same direction. And Paul has always been there to encourage us and answer all of our questions even when the same question but asked multiple times and the community, he will still answer it. Um, search function guys. But yeah, I got, I can't say enough good things about Paul Toe. It's not like they're just like plopping this course in front of you and then say, good luck there. It absolutely evolved with helping you and empowering you to reach success and the reach those goals that he put out in front of yourself and that is huge to the next step for me is make a half $1 million. That's a big step. Them I'm giving myself five years, which is doable. I really believe it's doable, especially as where I'm living now. But um, that's the awesome thing. Like once you pay for the course is really not a lot of other stuff. As long as you set up to do video work, you're, you're pretty much good to go. I would recommend this class to other people that are willing to work, willing to learn and really just willing to believe in themselves and their ability to make a difference in somebody else's business. And my whole working life has never really been like that. And so it's just been try, try and try see what works. Oh cool. That works. That's not really applicable to other scenarios and just chaos really. So this is brought a lot of order to my life, a lot of clarity, and I would totally recommend it to anyone that is interested in and videoing and doing the distribution and doing the marketing and of course, making good money and really getting paid for the value that you bring rather than just the time you spent it.
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