• Name: Timi David
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: London, UK
  • Description:

    Imagine working project to project with no control over your income as a freelance filmmaker for YEARS… Thats exactly what Timi David did in this short video review of life after implementing the Creators Operating System.


Hi, Paul and hi, the creative community. This is Timi from London. And this short film was just a depiction of my life and where I would've been had I not invested in the Creator's Course. And so in the film it was just me going through life, with full of ambition, but over time, losing hope and becoming demotivated, choosing not to inquire and explore some of your opportunities that appear on social media, i.e., Paul's constant adverts of the creative course, the Creators Course. And as a result, just losing drive and just being very demotivated and unfulfilled. And I say that because it's only been three months that I've invested in this course. And it's been a complete transformation for myself and my business. Over the last three months, we have doubled in the revenue of our current business. We've started seeing that even in the ... In times economically where it's more difficult to book clients, such as brides and grooms, which is my area, we saw that we were able to increase our revenue up to almost near £20,000 over the last three months. Our conversion rates has come up as well. Meaning that from before, it was 30% and it's kind of skyrocketed to 70%. One of the other things that I just love about the course is the creative community. I often come on the Facebook page simply just to read people's stories, to just inspire myself, and push myself to do more and continue. Some of the things I really love about the course is the [inaudible 00:03:53], sales guide. That on its own, I personally believe is worth the full investment. If it was just the ETD alone, I would still feel like I've got more than the buck for my money. The only thing bad that I would say is it would be really good if all of those documents could be on one large folder with sub-folders for each week. And then sub-folders for each module. Besides that, the course is amazing. The course is ... It's so good. And it's helped me. And it's really bumped my confidence as a business ... As an entrepreneur. And it's something that I will definitely highly recommend to other filmmakers. Where I am now is just due to a lot of backlog of work from our previous work. I am just about to begin to start outreach. I've kind of got the last stages of our research. But I'm very confident based on what I've learned. And just the support system and the structure with the support from Paul, Abraham, Miranda. I'm very confident that I'm going to make six figures this year. Very confident. So yes, thank you very much. And I hope my review is helpful. Thank you.
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