• Name: Tim Nagle
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Canada
  • Description:

    Tim is a filmmaker who wanted to learn how to be more impactful with his work for clients. He says that the Next Level Creators program has been mind-blowing, forcing him to re-imagine how video production can be leveraged to benefit businesses. Tim also points out that he has seen rapid and consistent growth so far in his own recurring income, and sees this trend continuing for the prospective future.


Well, Mr. Paul Xavier, just answering a few questions. Uh, what was like life before you joined the next level creators program struggles. I faced many struggles last try was out there. Um, one of them being the fact that there's just, there's not enough videos and the world for people making good things and you know, just one of what did it make a few more people wanted to do it well and uh, the NLC program at community helped me do that. How did I find you pulling savior and NLC craze program came across an ad on Facebook. Yeah. Cause it's billions of people on Facebook. Also Instagram and I saw this thing pickable Joel Line. I had to click on it, how to click on and see what it was all about. Of course it was drawn in and I learned so many things, so many good things, uh, change her mindset can be into a new person. How's my experience been working with Paul at Xavier and going through that NLC program? It's been absolutely fantastic. I recommend it anymore. Uh, things I've learned that the places up in the teachings I've taken on, I've taken to me to a high level and it's something that I couldn't, I've essentially in the grind, I've increased income and, uh, my business is thriving because of it. How's the NLC creatives affected your business and your life? Well, as I said before, uh, growth grows to the key is the key word I would say going forward. Uh, expansion of the mind. You learn something that blows you out of the water. And every single chapter of the NLC program blew me completely out of the water. Uh, absolutely transformation. Where do you see yourself going? next? I see myself going onwards and upwards is all I can say onwards and upwards and I'll put some mob. Growing, growing, growing and growing some mall. Uh, it's been an absolute pleasure doing the NLC program. Would I recommend NLC creators to others and why? Yes, I would recommend and I'll see creators to others because it realigns what you think you know about creating impactful videos for people and their businesses and their services. Um, it streamlines the way straight is the way that you, uh, you do business and you can help other people in a clear fashion. That's what I really like about it. That's all good to say. Thanks. Thanks a lot. And, um, yeah, let's, uh, let's go upwards and outputs together.
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