• Name: Tayna Trombetta
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Kingston, Ontario
  • Description:

    Tayna is a successful videographer who joined the Next Level Creator program to create a better structure for her business.


If you're an established freelance videographer that's just looking to grow, you're definitely gonna want to hear this. In today's video, I'm going to share with you in valuable information. I've got an online program that completely changed how I do business, but also put my college education to complete shame. This program will not teach you how to be a better videographer. You have to already not suck it back. What it will teach you is how to develop an effective and predictable way of acquiring clients and building a more sustainable business. How to build a proper sales funnel, how online paid advertising actually works because even though you might think you know how it works, Kinda don't actually, as it turns out, that using the boost button on your Facebook page, it doesn't make you the next Seth Godin. I'm going to start from the beginning. About a year ago when my business was four years old, I was in a really weird position. I was making really good money. I had a ton of clients. I definition my business was really successful, but I was tired. I was genuinely concerned that if things kept going the way that they were, but I was in a burn myself out hard one evening on my Facebook and I see this ad, which was super weird because it felt like it was speaking directly to me essentially saying, hi, are you a videographer making x amount of money working x amount of hours with all of these goals for growth? And I was like, yes. So I clicked. I think it's important to mention that I never click on ads. It is like that is the thing. I don't do it. I'm the person who goes on Google and types in a search query and in scrolls down intentionally to avoid the ads and somehow I think I'm doing myself a favor, but really I'm just screwing myself out of finding the answer faster. I'm making my way down this rabbit hole of information, which turns out is actually just a really effective sales funnel and it totally worked on me. And then before I know it, I'm watching one of those 30 minute marketing videos like watch for free, which are usually super sketchy in the 90s cheese is usually just like too much to handle spinning transitions and like shitty color balancing weird suits. They don't fit well. This video wasn't any of that. Everything. I was watching everything, I was reading everything. I was slowly getting more invested in. It was really good. So I get through the free video and I'm like, okay, I need this Paul Guy to teach me how to do whatever kind of black magic he just did. I hate has. And this guy, this is Paul Guy Somehow got me to blow an entire afternoon going through videos and filling out this survey thing and booking a phone call to join this program that he's selling. I was like, oh my God, wow, okay, I really need a vacation. I'm like one late night away from buying a backscratcher off the shopping channel. So the phone call happens and I took out my credit card and then there I am spending literally thousands of dollars to buy this online program with the hopes that this this person, Paul can teach me how to do whatever he did that worked on me. No, I'm not going to lie. After I bought the program and I got my credit card statements, small amount of panic kind of set and so I sat down and started working through the content and I very, very quickly realize this program beyond exceeded my expectations and the reason I was so surprised by how good this was, it's because I went to school, not for video or film, it was formally educated in is advertising and marketing. I went to school for two years and spent tens of thousands of dollars on a very specific skill set and I didn't walk away with it and it wasn't because I didn't like study your, I didn't try. It's just the content wasn't there. The content in this eight week program with everything that I should have learned in my two years of college. This program is definitely hard work all and his team by no means sell the idea, but the quick fix, he makes it very clear from the beginning before you even buy the program. But this is something you have to actually apply. It's a business model that you need to sit down and learn and then actually do a customer support or student support is phenomenal. So if you have a problem at all, there's always someone that you can talk to. There's way more support for this program than there ever was. When I did remote learning with the university I went to. And what's also kind of cool is that there is an online, I guess it's just a Facebook group where you get to share and communicate and ask with everyone else who's in the program just like you. So again, it's like going to school online, but it's way better set up than any course you've taken a university. I haven't personally applied the business model directly yet. I ended up landing a really awesome contract. It's a year long and I just don't have the time or the desire quite yet to make the transition into this business model that Pollock savior teaches you had to do. I feel a lot more competent and less stressed out and just more capable knowing that I have this information on my back pocket. Like that is what a university degree is supposed to be going to university. You know we want one of a backup plan and have your degree in your back pocket. Like no, my degree did nothing for me. So even though I haven't done it personally, I've been watching everyone else in the greater community. So everyone else who's taken the program with me, just take off, check this out. It's called the next level creators program, Pollock's Xavier and its team. Type it into Google, you'll totally find it. If you like this video, please give it a like give anything to share. I encourage you to do so in the comments below. And of course as always, leave, subscribe subscriptions are Super Helpful in building this channel. Alright guys, so until next time, have a wonderful day and of course go make something awesome. Bye. Yeah.
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