• Name: Tayna Smith
  • Creative: Photographer
  • Location: Spokane, WA
  • Description:

    Tayna is a creative professional who was looking for ways to escape the “feast or famine” cycle of doing project to project work. Tayna joined the Next Level Creators program in order to learn how to secure consistent, reliable monthly income while growing her creative production company.


Hi, my name is Tanya Smith. I am a creative professional located in Washington state. And I first joined the next level creators program because I had an existing client who was looking for some help with managing paid ads. And then miraculously I found out about Paul's program through a Facebook ad and I was like, wow, this looks like it works and I could use some help with this. So I signed up for the program and then that particular client had some changes in their business that they're working on. So they're not quite ready to work on that yet. However, I've gotten a huge amount of value from the program even though I'm not managing ads for clients. Um, I actually decided I don't want to go that route in my business. However, I am using a lot of the things I've been learning here in my business and really excited to implement them and more in 2019. So I wanted to share a few examples with you. Um, the earn the deal sales model that Paul teaches, it has been hugely valuable. I've always struggled with sales as a creative, not knowing what to say, um, just being afraid of getting on the phone with people. And so I've gone through this model that he teaches several times. I even made a little outline of it to pin up on my bulletin board near my desk. So when I'm on a call, I can just look up with that little outline and know what to bring into the conversation next without feeling scripted or salesy. And it just helps me help the client determine whether or not I'm a good fit for them to offer my services for them. So that's been hugely valuable. Also, the training on sales funnels, I actually haven't gotten through that part yet, but it's something I am going to be implementing in my brand photography business and also in a course I'm planning on launching in 2019 which brings me to the next point. I'm, one of the main reasons I signed up for the course was because I was looking for some more, um, regular income in my business, so it's not so feast or famine. And for years I had been wanting to do an online course. I actually created one a couple of summers ago and then didn't know how to sell it. Like I went through all of this work to create it and then it just didn't sell. And so I kind of gave up on that. And being in this program with Paul has reignited my excitement for that part of my business that I want to offer to people. And he has given us a lot of pointers on the correct way to sell and launch a course. And I'm looking forward to delving more into that this year. Um, the community that he has built on the Facebook group has been very valuable. There are people in various stages of learning in there, so there's some who have been very successful, who are so great about offering advice. I have gone through some personal challenges since I signed up this summer. Um, and just to have that group to go to and be like, Hey, this is what I'm dealing with. Can you guys give me some encouragement? Has been great so that I don't just give up. I'm also, Miranda has been offering mindset coaching through there, which has been huge for me in my business the last few years I've spent thousands of dollars on a mindset coaching. And so to have her as an, I feel like an added bonus, like when I signed up I didn't even know that was going to be included. So that's been hugely valuable just to have her as a resource and to be able to say, hey, this is where I'm stuck in my mindset. Um, I met Paul and Miranda at a live event this fall and they are kind and knowledgeable. They're both very young, which I think you know from a first when you first see them and hear about them and you're like, these are kids, how do they, how are they going to be a mentor for me? Um, but they know their stuff. They are putting it to the test. They are only teaching us things that have worked for them in their business and they are successful. So they have proven the things that they're teaching us. I also could tell that they have our interest, our best interest at heart. They want every one of their students to be successful, but there's so much information in guys, so much value in what Paul is teaching and just his willingness to be available every week to answer questions in the Facebook community and on calls. It's hugely valuable and I definitely recommend it. I'm looking forward to moving forward with it this year and seeing how my business grows.
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