• Name: Shilpa Sunthankar
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Description:

    Shilpa describes her experience as a freelance artist making films but struggling to make a consistent living. Despite her most recent project being worth a quarter million dollars in revenue, the huge gaps in time between each project with no guarantee that they will actually happen drove her to seek a more stable lifestyle as a filmmaker.


Hi, my name is Shilpa Swin tanker and here is my review for the next level creators program. I'm going to keep this fairly simple and heartfelt because I have a lot to say and it's not going to be helped by special effects and provocative jump cutting. So I will start by saying I have found the next level creators program to be transformative. Uh, it has changed my thinking entirely about how I work and how I work with clients. I'll back up a little bit and get a little bit of background here, uh, about who I am and where I'm coming from. I'm a successful independent filmmaker and video producer in Portland, Oregon, living in a perfect marriage with another industry professional. At least that's how it looked for a really long time. When I discovered the program in six months ago, I had actually found myself in the standard operating procedure slump between a freelance projects, uh, with very little income between and okay. So the last project I had had was, was quarter of a million dollars, but, um, you know, after an eight month slump and already a couple thousand, a couple thousand dollars in debt, um, and with my newest independent short film baby, uh, that no one seemed to want to see. This all just led me to believe that this traditional feast or famine and freelance artist lifestyle was just broken. Um, so beyond that, my husband and I, uh, have 10 years, uh, have been unofficially separated at this point, so possibly soon to divorce. So there's that, that happened seven months ago as well. Um, so last July, driving fast away from Portland, Oregon for a while, uh, I was ready for change and that's when I had my call with Shannon in twin falls, Idaho. I was attracted by the statement that the program was a lot of work. I know that sounds funny, but to me it meant that it wasn't just some racket that I could have my dreams and do nothing to get them. Um, and that statement is no light. Uh, the program is a lot of work and you have to do the work because the yields are priceless. As an example. Week one alone is huge. Uh, by far one of the biggest work weeks. And I won't lie, it took me a couple of weeks to get through week one. Um, I don't think I'm alone there, but I was impressed right off because I worked in world renowned ad agencies and creative agencies like Weiden and Kennedy andZ , but design and I was seeing exercises that high level creatives and hyper intelligent designers used on a regular basis. Competitive analysis, customer Avatar definition, market research, uh, all simplified and collected into one week just for me. Um, Kudos to Paul, he savior and his team, uh, that work alone to put work week one together. It must have been substantial. Uh, so and again, it's all hard work. Uh, but you need to do it for the kind of work you need to do to get an edge with your client. Six months later. I'm actually very different person. I think. Um, then the person I was when I started, I finished the training and I have now to just go back and finish some of the exercises and then get my first client and start getting those results, which I'm really excited about. I have a plan to look forward to and I think that's really important for me right now. Um, I think it's really made all the difference in the world by far. The most favorite change about myself through the program is my shift in thinking from being someone who just makes pretty things for clients, to being someone who actually helps them get what they want, um, and with a plan that will actually work for them. I can be the connector between them and the audience that they deserve the connector to what is possible for their actual dream. So that is my story. It's only just the beginning and I'm excited to drive a further and steet start seeing results. Um, I hope that this heartfelt message is coming through for you without a ton of that creative cutting. Um, but if not, perhaps try the video, try this video of an epic kitten battle. Okay. So today, all the kittens figured out that they are micro panthers and they have all started to practice their hunt. You guys are a bunch of maniacs. Yeah, pretty good. Right?
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