• Name: Shawn Whittington
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Mount Pleasant, NC
  • Description:

    Shawn recently joined the Next Level Creators program and he is really excited to implement the new system he is learning for his video production business. As he explains it, the program his opened his eyes to the possibilities that exist for creating long lasting relationships with clients who need video.


My name is Sean Whittington and this is my review of Paul Xavier's next level creators program. Uh, I'm still in the beginning stages of this program and I've been working my way through week one and week two, you know, putting a lot of work for trying to our research, our niche that we picked and you know, just doing the market research and seeing what we can do to help these industries that we're trying to produce videos for. Um, it has completely changed my mindset as far as, um, just the way I think about online business in general, especially video business. Uh, what we've been doing all along is producing videos for clients and you know, they'll post their videos on their websites, but then maybe they're seeing, maybe they're not, you know, we just kind of have a hands off approach at that point. But this is really exciting because it's teaching us how to add a lot more value to the videos that we're producing for those clients to actually be seen through video marketing, online campaigns. Um, it's just really exciting to know that we can add that extra value and it's just something I'd never even really thought about before. Now, you know, had thought about Facebook ads and things like that, but this program really goes in deep and, uh, just teaches you how to really, really set those things up to be very, very effective. Um, so yeah, so just a complete and total mindset of the way that I had seen my business in the past and the way that I want to change my business going forward. I think it's the only way forward. Um, in addition to the awesome course that I've seen so far, there's a huge community of people that are willing to, you know, help you out and work your way through some of the issues that you might come across, any questions or concerns you might have. And you know, if you just posted in the Facebook group and you know, everybody from a seasoned veterans to New People will answer those questions, including Paul himself. I've seen him answer almost every single question that somebody is asked and, uh, that's awesome. Um, so yeah, the, the group is great. The program is great, and I would highly recommend anyone that wants to take their business to the next level to join this program. And a, thank you and I hope to see you soon.
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