• Name: Mark H
  • Creative: Video Producer
  • Location: Boston, United States
  • Description:

    How Earn The Deal has transformed the way Mark sells his video production services.


What I like about Paul Xavier's course the most is that I guess Earn the deal is one of the strong points of it, but he helps blend the analytics and the strength of your videos to help generate sales for your client. But he also helps you close the client. One thing you just said that turn the light on in my head was let's say, do you want to do visa or mastercard and shut up? A lot of times he says, you say something powerful and then you just shut up. I love that Paul. Thank you. Another thing I learned was that, um, you have to listen more to the client, do less talking and find out where the pain is. And he talks about bridging the gap, talk about that gap so the client feels that pain and you're going to talk about how you're going to get him to fill that gap. So you give him a master plan. I could go on and on about Paul, but those are some of the things that really stuck with me. Some of them were very simple that I just overlooked, but earn the deal, open up a whole new way of selling to me, and thank you for that. Paul.
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