• Name: Sarah & Kyle Ritz
  • Creative: Cinematographers
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Description:

    Sarah and Kyle are video creators who were looking for a new way to run their video production company. Looking to start a family and thus create a stable financial future, Sarah and Kyle decided to join the Next Level Creators program. They are definitely happy with their choice as you will see in their video.


Hi from Sunny Arizona where Sarah and Kyle with Blais productions. We're actually in the car right now driving to a client, a video client of ours where we're going to pitch a commercial campaigns to them. So we thought this was the best time to Libor Ruth you for the next level creators program. Um, we started this program a few months back and we were really struggling with figuring out how we can make consistent income with our videography business and live the lifestyle we want to live. And we found Paul Xavier's through just googling different options and came across and signed up for his email list and, and it really changed our life entirely. Um, it changed her outlook on how we want to run our business and the things that we were doing weren't going to be sustainable. So going through this program taught us a lot about, um, about creating that consistent income and also being able to help other businesses do the same thing. So now we're able to help other businesses run third companies and the best way possible and it's a win win for us. Um, I think moving forward we are going to take everything we've learned from this program and just continue to apply it to our business, the marketing techniques, the online sales techniques, different things like that, and just really scale our business to the best of our ability. And we owe it all. Do you call and all of your knowledge and your help and it's really changed our lives. We're going to be able to have the freedom that we want to, um, to start a family and not be stressed to and to be financially stable. So, um, yeah, we owe it all to you and, and we're just really grateful.
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