• Name: Philip Todd
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Dallas, GA
  • Description:

    Philip explains how the Next Level Creators course is for anyone who considers themselves a filmmaker and wants to learn the key to producing results with their videos.


Hello everybody. I'm Phillip Todd and this is my review of Mr. Paul Xavier's next level creators. All right, so I'll start by saying, man, there's a lot of good information, a lot of value in this course. It is a big course, uh, with a growing community that it's getting bigger. It's still on the small side for Facebook, which is actually good, which I prefer to have a smaller, a smaller group that's really focused in Di community driven like we have this course is for filmmakers or videographers that were producers or directors, whatever the hell you want to call yourself. Um, if you work in the film industry, this is good for you. If you want to transition from owning a video production company to owning a video marketing agency, this course is about delivering results for your clients and not just a video that looks pretty, uh, this course is not for filmmakers who want to know more about the art side of filmmaking. This isn't going to teach you anything about lighting, about framing, about composition, about editing or color grading or anything like that. So this course is specifically designed to teach you how to create commercials that sell a create ad campaigns that convert and create a better version of yourself that knows how to sell all of these things and persuade and influence and all of that good stuff that will make you rich one day. This course, uh, also gives you a lot of good tools to use in your business. Um, I got a lot of good templates, a lot of good tools, um, offers a great community. Whenever I first got into this course about a year ago, the community was smaller and a lot of the people who are inexperienced because they were just getting a, they were, well, they were just learning all of this, you know, and now it's really matured and there's a lot of people who are growing in the community and learning how to do all these things and really helping out with the newer member. So that's a really good thing about this course. Also what I love about this course, what I think is great about this course is that, um, it actually, it, it explains to you and it shows you, Paul does, how, um, how to add value. It shows how to sell value instead of time. Um, I guess more of a, instead of trading your time for money, it shows you how to price and how to, uh, how to, how to offer your services or offer a solution to a problem that your client is having instead of offering a service or offering a product or something like that. And that's one of the mindset shifts that is talked about in here also. And one of the things that Paul talks about in here is that people normally don't have problems in business. They have life problems and that reflects on their business. And that is very true. Another thing to this course talks about a lot in kind of shift your mind to think more in that direction, which is great also. Um, so yeah, I've picked up a few clients, a s retainer clients since, um, since starting the course, my prices have gone up. Um, I've shifted my mindsets, uh, own what a, what a business actually is instead of what I thought it was. Like the amount of information in this course is insane. Um, so it will take a while to go through it all and to actually, uh, get all of it put into your mind, if that makes sense. Now I'm going to talk about, um, a couple of things. Uh, one is the niche selection or niche selection as think this is the biggest problem that people are having with the course. At least that's what I see anyway. I mean, it's almost like every day there's someone on the community asking or every week asking about like being hung up on their niche selection. And I can't imagine why it would take anybody more than like a day to, to figure out what, what their niches. Um, so, you know, maybe, I don't know, maybe if there's a way for the community to come together more and help these people who are new with their niche. Maybe somebody who has a proof of concept like myself, I would be more than happy to help the newcomers if they want to get into that. And, uh, also this course is expensive. Uh, it's more than I was used to paying for. I'm glad I bought it though. And I would say to anybody who's thinking about purchasing the course, do not purchase this course unless you are ready to actually do the work because you are going to still have to do all the work. This isn't some magical, you know, thing you buy and then all of a sudden your business and with black problems are handled. That's not what this is. You still have to put in a lot of work. So thank you guys for watching. Thank you, Paul. And uh, the rest of the community.
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