• Name: Peter Normandia
  • Creative: Commercial Filmmaker
  • Location: Howell, NJ
  • Description:

    Peter Normandia talks about the dramatic shift he experienced in his approach towards new video clients and how the conversations are now all about how he can produce measurable value with his video work.


My name's peter Normandia, I'm a filmmaker. I own a video production company in New Jersey. A lot of my clients' success wasn't always dependent just on the videos we did. So we would go in and we'd shoot these amazing pieces that we were really, really proud of and we put them out to these clients when the clients wouldn't love them and they would put them out and all this type of stuff. And then we would watch and see that they had no real strategy on how to get them out there or no real strategy on how to see a return. They got a lot of people who said they liked the video, they've got a lot of social media likes and all that kind of stuff, but other than than that, after that it was like the engagement had ended and then the only other thing to do was to kind of upsell with, hey, what do I do? Another video. But again, it was always considered an expense and I started realizing this when I started helping out. Right. They would call me in and asked me to do like a video for like a couple of hundred dollars and I bring in my red camera and do like a sick video, whatever and put it out. And it got like millions of views because they not, because of the video, they actually got it featured on buzzfeed and got blew up and all this type of stuff. And even with all that in the next time they came in they were like, man, we need you. You've got to do that video again. Like can you do it for $100 less? And I was like, wow. Because I realized then like there was just no respect for the content at that point. It was kind of just like the process itself was the whole thing. So I knew I had to get into this digital marketing game and it was looking over Facebook. And of course I came across Paul Xavier who was everywhere on my Facebook, you know, so I'm always all over the place and it has videos and I was kind of totally put off by those type of videos because I'm not usually, you know, wanting to buy a process or listen to other people's things. Cause obviously you think, well they're trying to make money and all that type of stuff, which they are. Fast forward three months later, I'm in the same process with my clients running into this digital marketing wall. How do I control this process? So I'm partnering with people, um, avoiding clients that don't have a strategy. And I kept coming around the fact that I got to learn how to navigate this whole digital market. And by this time anyone I had pretty much spoken to that had anything to do with film and my community was and had known opposing your was from the advertising on Facebook. It's like a job. The reason everybody knew it to me was because the message was shrunk. Everybody wanting or this guy was saying, well, I would get all this experience and knowledge and have this resource for this money, which I thought was well worth the price at the end of the day. Instead of me trying to go learn it, which was definitely passed, but I didn't have the time. So I did what I had to do and I fucked up and got the program. Hopefully I, you know, it's worth it and we'll see what we get the system and then I get in and the first week is this fundamentals course and dude, I just totally, totally revamped my whole business. Literally like that module right there, the fundamentals to me was worth the whole course. It showed you a simple way to take your business and just simplify the plan so that you could see, hey, here's how we could scale and man the doors that, because the bottom line is what you're selling at the end of the day, what you're learning everybody wants. Once you kind of know what you're looking for and how to educate a client to know where their weak points are and stuff. Now see how the doors open and my clients now, when I first started doing this, and this is just a short amount of time, they were coming to me saying, Hey, we've got to move in here for this. Hey, we gotta do a video for this because I opened their eyes to this process now and all of a sudden you get it and they're starting to see like, hey, that, that makes a lot of sense and that's the process I met with the comp clients I call it. We have meanwhile, because of this, they're recommending me to other people and now I'm in the door with these other people simply because of the message that I've been offering to these people and the value that I bring as a creative, I feel it's my ability to story tell by ability to sell my ability to make something that's worthwhile for a client. The problem I always had was getting it out there and making sure that they had a strategy to match that everything was cohesive. And now that you can explain that to people and because of this system, it's really helped me to translate that to the clients. It's helped me to understand my business better, what I should be doing and how to set up my pitch. And now I've kind of revamped everything I'm doing because it's no longer really about just the video, it's about the whole picture. So you can either be a part of the picture and kind of ride the wave and see what's going on. Or You can learn how to offer value to your clients and how to really be valuable when you do. And I said what we really make money. So that's why I recommend the program. Easy way to get there. The idea is once you understand the game, at least you know how to play and that's how I figured it out. You know what I mean? Getting there and getting the right, you know, whole balance with everything. That's probably going to take time. But understanding the game has changed everything for me because now I can focus on what I did and what my client should to do. And because of that clarity, because of that simplicity, they're on board.
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