• Name: Perry Lawrence
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Sarasota, FL
  • Description:

    Perry is a filmmaker who was attracted to the Next Level Creators program by the practical approach without all of the distracting hype. Within four weeks of joining, Perry has already closed over $100,000 in video production deals as a result of what he has learned along with his talent as a video creator.


I just want to take a minute to talk about the next level Creator Program in Paul Xavier and how much mean and the program has really changed my life and my outlook on my business and how it's impacting the way I do business day to day on a database day to day basis. Paul is amazing. So I found Paul on Instagram, saw his ads and click through and was really blown away by the messaging, but more importantly just his delivery was really impactful. There was a passion there, but it was a passion that wasn't driven by emotion, was no hype, it was just real oral practical information that made me take a look further. So since being in the program, I've closed a $60,000 deal. I have close to $20,000 deals and I've only been in the program for probably four weeks and it's an eight week program. It is like drinking through a fire hose. There's so much information on all of it. Good, all of the applicable in all of it. Spot on and it's what it's done for me is it's given me more confidence moving forward. In today's world. You know, video is a commodity, so it's helping me take my commodity business, trading dollars for hours and really turn it into a business that's helping other businesses by giving them what they need. More clients, more traffic, more sales. So my hat's off to Paul and his team really, really top notch. I love the sales process. I love earning the deal process. I mean it is a step by step method that I can follow that brings results nearly every time. I had some good practices in place, but this is something that I can roll out on a consistent basis and have massive, massive success with. So just thank you Paul. Thank you to the community. Next level creators program, community and I can't recommend this enough. Anybody who is interested in video or anybody who has a video business, even if you're successful in your video business currently, you could do yourself a huge favor in understanding the methodology that Paul teaches. So thanks again Paul. I'm looking forward to continuing on with you and continuing to grow my business. Thanks so much.
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