• Name: Paul Nethercott
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Vancouver, B.C.
  • Description:

    Paul is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who was looking for a way to make his passion into a sustainable living. After researching the Next Level Creators program off and on for a few months, Paul decided that he needed to give it a try. After joining Paul was able to utilize the lessons he learned to procure recurring monthly income through commercial campaign clients.


Well before I joined next level creators program, I just was not clear on how I was going to the head with my career. And the critical part for me was how I would make a living at what I do, which is making documentary films. So the main struggle I've been having is, you know, how can I keep doing what I really love to do, which is making films and you know, being creative and, and make a living at it. It's the living making a living at it, at what I do. That's, that's the more challenging part of made a number of films that have won awards. And I have film work in Europe and Asia and in the u s and I loved the work I do, but it's the making a living part of it that is really the biggest challenge for me. So I, Paul, I found Paul's out of the are through Facebook advertisements and I looked at them over a period of months, read them, watch videos, join two or three webinars sessions. And I got to know Paul through that process and started to trust him because I saw it consistency and integrity in his claims and my experience with working with Poles LVR and his team has been very positive. The level of support he offers, his exceptional, um, the course work is strong. It's not easy, it's complicated. It's rather challenging, hold a great deal of detail which is necessary, no complaints about that. Um, it's the level of support that he provides through the Facebook community and Q and a sessions twice a week plus another session that's focusing on the inner struggles, uh, being mindful of ourselves that is really exceptional with the program. And how has this affected my business and my life? Well, it's given me hope that I can actually make an income and make a good income and do what I really like to do is, which is being creative and I'm creating a advertisement right now in advertising campaign for a real estate agent have produced, let's see, five videos and yeah, it's challenging. It's, there's a lot of detail work to it that kind of makes my head spin. And first time doing anything. It's hard, but it's a good process. And where do I see myself to going next? I see myself, uh, setting up campaigns where several more clients and creating a steady income stream that will really set me up to do a lot of other things, including, uh, attending film festivals, traveling. I have a plan to go to Africa in the next year or so to make a documentary film in Africa. And there's really no money to be made in that. It's a nonprofit type of endeavor, but the program that Paul has developed provides me the foundation I need to do that kind of thing. And I highly recommend next level of critters, course to other people. Why? Because it's a good solid course with exceptional value. Is it cheap? No. In most anything that is good is not cheap or inexpensive, but the value was very strong. So I highly recommend it. Thank you very much.
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