• Name: Narinder Matharu
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: UK
  • Description:

    Narinder is a filmmaker who had been creating short films while working a regular full-time job. Narinder wanted to take his filmmaking to the next level in order to afford himself more time and financial freedom. Narinder joined Next Level Creators to learn how to turn his passion into a business and a living.


The next level creators program. I had a daytime job. I still do a, I also make short films on the side. I have my own youtube channel. Um, and I pretty much wanted more time and more financial freedom. Uh, but I knew if I carried on the way that I did, I would not get that. So when you something I have to change, I found Paul Xavier through Facebook ads, so it obviously works. Uh, I watched this commercial was on, um, how the filmmakers of today is now saturated marketplace. It's no longer something that's financially good to do, just if you just solely do filmmaking. Um, and I was interested to know how to sort of take my filmmaking skills to the next level. So that's why I decided to sign up. It's been an eye opening experience for sure. Um, certainly from a mindset approach. The course material isn't difficult to understand, but it will take a little while to master. Um, but I definitely think it's worth it. Uh, the training is designed to make you the best at providing value. Uh, also the community itself is, you know, the best they put probably is ever anywhere. Um, plenty of likeminded people in the community, uh, or you know, striving to do the same sort of thing and striving to be the best they can possibly be. Um, so far I've set up a new company. I'm trying to understand the course material is my second run of the course material at the moment. Uh, this is actually giving me a lot of confidence to proceed ahead. Uh, it's important to also have mentorship when have you ever tried to start up to do something of Iran, uh, and the value of that is just far greater than probably the course itself. Uh, for the program. It has plenty of guidance and you can get plenty of support within the Facebook community and everyone there is practically like a mentor. So it's, it's a really good, good community. Um, being someone who's never owned or operated a business, I can confidently see this business model, uh, sort of taking me up to anywhere between 10 to 15 k a month, uh, by managing anything between five to 10 clients. So, yeah, it's really, really powerful business model. Uh, absolutely. Yes. Yeah. Whether you're a film would be just a content cray I ruined advertising or even someone who's never actually done a business in their entire life. I, I highly recommend next level creators program is profoundly powerful. Uh, the material is, you know, absolutely fantastic. And as I said many times before, the mentorship and the community, you know, it's probably the best to find anywhere out there online. And Paul Xavia and his team, they were very good, very good job in terms of helping anyone and everyone with any questions they have. And they're very good. They're very quick with their responses. Uh, so yes, I highly recommend this program.
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