• Name: Mitch Setbon Sonic Highlark
  • Creative: Cinematographers
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Description:

    Mitch Setbon and Sonic Highlark portray their lives before joining Next Level Creators, where the only thing they could rely on for new video clients was “hope marketing”.


Wait, so what are we doing right now? Shh, focus, we're doing hope marketing. If we focus and hope hard enough video clients will come to us. Does this shirt make me look fat? Oh, the company responded. Told you this was gonna work. They want a proposal. Yes, so large pepperoni pie and a liter of coke. Oh and do you guys need video? I don't know what to do man, this whole marketing is not working. I can't take anymore of this project to project stuff. I'm gonna get evicted and I don't know what to fucking do I just don't know. I'm fucking crazy, this is insane- Get ahold of yourself. Dude you gotta come check this out. I clicked on some Facebook ad, some guy Paul Xavier, it's really weird man. He knows all of our problems. He's got something called the Next Level Creators Program. And it's supposed to help us get clients but the weird thing is, it's like he's been watching us. What's up everyone? My name is [Yuhay 00:01:08], professionally known as Sonic. Me and my partner Mitch, we have a constant creation and digital marketing media agency called The High Lord Collective. We're in a highly competitive market in New York City but we've managed to land clients that pay us every month. And we did this without having any prior marketing experience. Up until about a year ago I was one or two bad months away from being a complete failure in business. My wife considered taking the kids and moving to Russia to live with her mother. I was spending so much time editing. And between that and my family, I didn't think I had time to focus on getting clients and doing any kind of marketing. That whole hope marketing thing, well of course we didn't think if we'd meditate clients would come. But it is true. We would hope that maybe we would run into somebody and they happen to need video work or that somehow referrals would keep piling in. Then I realized I didn't have enough money for rent. And that's when my wife considered taking the kids and moving to Russia to live with her mother. Of course I couldn't fail myself or my family so I had to do something. One day I came across a Facebook ad by Paul Xavier and his Next Level Creators Program. I don't usually click on ads, I'm not really that kind of guy. But it really resonated with me and I ended up watching his 45 minute video. And it was really crazy, it really felt like he was a fly on the wall watching me this whole time. He knew all the struggles me and Mitch were going through in the business. It was really like, "How does he know this. Is this big brother thing? It's Facebook, they know everything." Anyway, I showed this to Mitch and we decided to get on a call with Paul and join his Next Level Creators Program. And once we did, Mitch is a little more neurotic than me, he was a little bit concerned about the money we just spent, but we both knew that this was something that was gonna work for us. Because whatever he did, worked on us. The great thing about the Next Level Creators Program is that it's fully comprehensive. Paul explains every step in the reasons or understand detailed manner that you really don't need anything else for you to have a thriving video business. Here's somebody that really cares about the success of the students. And not somebody that just took our money and threw this program at us. This program is being updated constantly. The key secret is making money for your clients with video. And the Next Level Creators Program shows you exactly how to do that. Here's a quick story. There was a prospect that was gonna decide between us and a different company to do their Facebook and Google ads. But they went with the other company who was more established and had a track record. But three months later they weren't happy with the work that was being done so they fired them and decided to hire us. And when they did it was astonishing that we actually knew more about Facebook and Google ads just by taking this program than this company did. In the first day we took over we doubled their Google Ad conversion rate, and that's just the first day. And when your client's are happy, it's also a fulfilling thing that the work you did is valuable. Needless to say, my family's still here and me and Mitch ditched our whole hope marketing. And for some of you you might be saying, "Well I don't know if I wanna make commercial videos all my life." And I understand that. Because that's not the most fun type of video for me to make either. But the point is because you have predictable income month to month, you have more time than before to do your passion projects or still do cooler "one off" projects like you've been doing. But the best part is, you're not stressed. So if you're a freelance videographer or you have a video production business I strongly recommend you take a look at this Next Level Creators Program. Because if you're willing to put in the work I'm sure it can work for you like it did for us. Peace.
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