• Name: Michael Raymond
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Oshkosh, WI
  • Description:

    Michael was working in video production as a generalist, picking up clients here and there with no specific focus. After working on a few projects, Michael found that the clients were looking for distribution of his video work and they ended up going elsewhere to find it. Now that Michael has joined the Next Level Creators program, he plans to quit his part-time job and go all in on his new video production/distribution model.


Hi everyone. My name is Michael Raymond. I'm the president of a management road productions and I'm in the next level creators community. And I just wanted to talk a little bit about how it's changed my life. So before I joined the next level creators community, I was a part time social media specialist. You know, I've had this, a video production business for the last three, four years, um, doing projects, one from another, trying to do anything I could. Basically I was a generalist. So, um, yeah. And I've enjoyed photography. I've done promotional videos, wedding videos, um, basically anything that anyone has needed from me. Um, I really enjoy documentary filmmaking, you know, so I've always had a lot of different projects that I've wanted to do. Never really any, uh, guidance. But I would say about five, six months ago I started looking at doing just promotional videos. You know, I had a couple clients, you know, it didn't really go anywhere. I really didn't have any support with it or any, you know, idea. I was just kind of experimenting on my own to see what would work. Um, and Nate, when it came down to it, uh, the distribution of the video was still something that was needed by my clients. And so they saw that as something separate that they needed to pay for. So, um, I wasn't really able to put that all together. I found Paul Xavier's program, you know, probably the same way that most people have. Um, it was a a Facebook ad that I kept running into and looking at. Um, I had given it some consideration and um, it kept, I'm not going to say kept haunting me, but you know, it kept, um, you know, re targeting me and eventually I decided that I would give it a try. Um, it sounded like exactly what I needed to do. So I joined the next level creator community about three, four months ago. Um, and just coming up now and the next three days, Wednesday, which is in about three days, I'm going to be quitting my part time job now. I am still see myself in kind of the development stage. There's been a lot of work that I've needed to do. Um, not just in developing my niche, but becoming, um, you know, going through the program, you know, going through the modules, uh, becoming confident in myself, being able to talk, talk it through with clients. And I'm really feeling that I've, I've gotten to that point. So my experience is that I've really applied myself, you know, daily to making, taking consistent action, doing the outreach that I need to do, uh, you know, developing some strategies. I think that's the big thing that I was looking for was actually a strategies and then, you know, being able to make adjustments. It's been a great experience in that I have this community of people that I'm able to, um, interact with and, and get suggestions from. Um, so I'm not alone working in a vacuum, you know, being a solo business, there's not a lot of people that can provide the support that I need. And so now, um, you know, I'm starting to be able to, to share some of my experiences with some of the newer members and it makes me feel good and gives me confidence in my abilities in general. The next level creators community has affected my life in that now I can see that I can make a living doing what I really want and helping people. Um, I, uh, years and years ago I was a dental technician and worked with Dennis. I specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Um, I also have worked in healthcare for years and years. I had gone back to school because I really wanted to be a photo journalist and, and now, you know, what I'm finding is that it is possible for me to combine my experiences to be able to help a specific market, um, and, and really make a difference, um, by helping them achieve their goals. And so all of that is really affected my business and my life, both. So I seen myself getting my first client, developing my proof of concept, and then being able to use those experiences and that success to help more and more people.
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