• Name: Mats Jerndal
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Fredericksburg, VA
  • Description:

    Mats was tired of shooting commercials for little money, only to pass them along to an ad agency who would make the real money. After discovering Next Level Creator, Mats realized that he could change his approach to clients by offering the distribution and value proposition that they were looking for without having to rely on an ad agency.


Yo yo yo, this is Mats here from Our Box Studios. And I joined, uh, the next level creators, uh, in the end of November. December was really busy for us and I started really studying January and today's a February 10th. And, uh, I'm taking a longer time than I should because we also working on business, but there's a few things that are really thought stuck out as I saw Paul's videos on Facebook that as a creative, their scientific approach makes sense from the get go. So I'll keep watching, kept watching those videos for a month. Um, I moved to the countryside south of Fredericksburg, so I travel half an hour through the woods into my studio every day. So I had at least an hour a day to listen. Um, and um, it makes perfect sense that we create, we create, we create an another company. It takes a revenue for people to be seen if they ever get to be seen. I do lot of commercials for Comcast and other channels and venues and if they get with salsa, I'm not even sure. And if they do, they take the revenue. So when I moved down here to Fredericksburg at that time from Jersey City 2010 around that area, up between 2010 and 2011 2012 I started a company called go wet Marshall Go web commercial. And people weren't like, what video to be seen. What I was like, okay, a friend is Berg has 100,000 people, not as many as New York. So it was different venue and not even wanna travel to DC. I was tired of traveling so I cannot slowly gave it up. But I have a seal on Facebook. If you want to check it out, go web Marshall, the website is down. But what I did learn was we did the video for really little money and then a reputable, um, campaign ad company around those videos and made money out of it. Um, and always made sense to me. I just was too insecure. I didn't thought I had the capacity to do that. So lingering along and doing, you know, recitals are really resales anymore, but we quick, we shoot them very well, film them and produce them really quickly. We do weddings, a really beautiful weddings, um, commercials for small to midsize companies. I'm also a photographer in the background. Uh, so as part of it, so definitely being a generalist made sense. Totally makes sense. And I think now is 2019 is a pain level of man, this is going nowhere. Now we have to buy new gear and it's just like thousands and thousands of dollars, so sucks. Seriously. So it made sense. And also like with you, Paul and um, and you and Miranda, I think lifestyle is more close to mine. Even if I'm older, that it's a certain simpatico and so, and um, spiritual and mental approach or we actually care, I was in a theater for over 20 years. Um, and I only retired eventually, finally, totally in 2011. Um, even if I'd done photography since 99 and videos in 2003 D is a, in theater, you don't normally go in there to make money. You mean to make people see things? Uh, if not make them happy, at least have a catharsis. And I think carrying him other people really, truly helping them is something I really felt heartfelt from you guys creating this course and I'm forever grateful and we have two, three clients lined up and they actually begging me. So really, you can do this. You can get the likes up. Just like something simple like that. Uh, I did among company a case study from our Atlantic wedding videos, one of my compass companies from 2,800 side just let, let's get up to 5,000 southern in two days. So it's up to 5,100 just to show clients and that, that was impressive for them. So I really love what you guys doing and enjoying being here. Thank you.
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