• Name: Marty Hankins
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Description:

    Marty has years of experience in live video production and post production. Having grown tired of selling his time for money, Marty set out to find a new way of doing business in filmmaking to increase his earning potential while decreasing the amount of time he needed to spend doing so. That’s when he discovered the Next Level Creators program.


Hi, I'm Marty Hankins from m three media. I'm based in Brisbane, Australia. And just want to spend a little bit of time explaining my experience with next level creators. I've run an audio and video events and post production business for many, many years and it's been really successful and I really do love what I do. And so to that side world, it's kind of strange that I'm looking to transition or change into something else. But there's that one thing that is always crept up. It's, I'm selling my time and I'm selling my resources and I only have so much of that time to split between family, friends, life, business. So that really got me to a point of me researching and looking at different business structures and different courses to look for that, that, that changed. That would free up my time. And that's where I came across, uh, Paul and next level creators, uh, or it found me via Facebook ads and targeted me. Um, and when I sort of dug into it as a bit skeptical at first, because a lot of these courses are just selling training, they're not a true business structure. And the more I dug into it and particularly watching the testimonials really did change my mind to have a good look at it. Um, because it was a very structured course and when I got into the content, it was really truly laid out in black and white, a true structure to follow and a real business. It's something that Paul and his team are actually implementing in the actually done. And, um, I could see the real value in having that course and laying that out. I kind of looked at different ways of doing a similar thing and learning a bit on the Internet here in a bit on the Internet there. But as I got into it and the more I tried to sell to clients, the more holes that I've found, and to be able to follow next level creators and to go to client with truly a passion in you, that you know that you're going to deliver value and that they're going to be happy at the end of the day. That's really what I wanted. Rather than to just make some money off someone and not really give them value. It's something that you can deliver value and, uh, truly, um, truly track that value and show that value. At the end of the day, I've been asked whether I would suggest next level creators course to anyone. And absolutely. I, and I have suggested that to many colleagues and people in, in the industry of not just a nice course do, but it's a true business structure that you can follow and to implement, to really change not just your business but your life. And that's what our, I'm in the process of transitioning the, implementing the structure that I can really get back my time.
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