• Name: Mark Crews
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location:
  • Description:

    Mark put together a fun animated video explaining the shift in mindset he experienced by joining the Next Level Creators program. He went from constantly looking for new clients to keep his business running, to offering measurable value to clients. As a result, Mark no longer needs to continuously search for more work in order to make recurring monthly income while steadily growing.


Hello. I am Mark also known as video expert who has to constantly find more work to keep the revenue flowing in. Well, that was me until I joined the next level creators program. I have found a way to help my customers get a return on their investment on the videos. I helped them produce no more one and done. Then onto the next, let me tell you how I found out about Mr. Paul Xavier. I was on Facebook and saw an ad that reached out directly to me. The thought of getting emails and phone calls from happy clients because their videos were doing so well. Well, that sounded amazing. The program has been amazing, easy to use. There's documents to help understand concepts and resources to totally transform my business. The next level creators program has been huge for my business. Over the years, we've bought new gear and plugins, but never invested in a way to really grow the company. We see this changing the way we work, changing the focus of our company and overall helping other businesses grow. This is what we call next level. This training from the very beginning has challenged us and helped us grow in ways we couldn't have done this quickly. We definitely recommend the next level creator program.
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