• Name: Lucinda Chrisman
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Santa Cruz, California
  • Description:

    How Next Level Creators helped Lucinda raise her video production prices & find confidence as a business owner.


- So this is my attempt to give you a impromptu review of my experience with Next Level Creators, then the program. I will just say, first of all, that I'm really happy I invested in it. It's been a great decision. I'm still working on a lot of increasing my skill and learning a lot of the things that is laid out in the modules, but I've already seen results. I mean, it really, I think one of the biggest effects is it has changed my mindset toward my video production business and approach, from making the one-off videos. I used to ride the video roller coaster and jump from project to project, and I could follow my creative instincts and stay up 'til three in the morning editing and, you know, do all that. I could do that before, but things have changed. I'm also a lot busier. I'm a mom now, and I've got less time, and I've gotta earn more. So changing my business model was something that I really had to do. I didn't like feeling like my videos, I put my heart and soul in making a video for a client, and I really wasn't sure if it was bringing them a lot of value. It was getting hard to justify my prices for a video, even a low-end video. It was kind of ridiculous. But I find now, that there's a tool. It's a whole different approach, that I can offer so much more value to people. Since I enrolled in this program, just the confidence of knowing I have more to offer, even if I didn't know what the heck it was at first and how to do it. Just the first few videos that I made, even the non-campaign videos, I somehow was able to ask for more, and got it, without really hesitation. So there's something in, I think, the training program that helps teach you about approaching sales, and approaching with value, and the confidence of just knowing I had more to offer and more services to bring to bear. I will say, Paul is a very nuts and bolts kinda guy, and I really admire his ethic and his focus, and he's helped me a lot, actually, in the live Q & A calls, with just keeping my focus, letting go of my perfectionism. That's something I've been trying to work on. And just keeping focused on moving to the next step, getting the next step and getting it done, and getting results. Less perfection, more results. It's been really good lesson for me. The program is full of substance. There is not a lot of fluff. In fact, there's not any fluff. It's just filled with step-by-step instructions, training, very detailed things, but also really great mindset shifts. There's a lot of exposure to sales, and success mindset, things like that. It's just a really packed program, and I love the online community. I can't say enough about joining this, just for the support of the people around the world. It's like being part of a world-wide network of collaborative filmmakers that I can just reach out to and ask questions, and help, and get help, and then there's the live Q & A calls. I mean, that alone is just huge for me. It's really made everything worth it. But the modules themselves and the training include so much, so much in terms of new skills, for me, but really useful skills in this day and age, and I really feel, as a video creator, that I need to be able to distribute them and show results of the videos, and really just bring a whole different model to play. And I feel like, now, with the little time I have, I feel much more optimistic that the skills I have are bringing more to people that I work with. I hope that helps in you decision. I definitely feel, as far as money goes, it has been easier to justify my prices, and ask for more. I feel like I am offering more value, so it's much easier.
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