• Name: Kelli Gallant
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Canada
  • Description:

    Kelli explains how her video production company’s old model of doing business meant her pay rate fluctuated between $10/hr to $100/hr. After growing tired of this inconsistent level of income for her work, she joined Next Level Creators and discovered a new way of approaching clients to insure that she is making reliable monthly income and also growing her client’s businesses in the process.


Hi, I'm Kelli Gallant, so I've been a part of the next little creators for about three, four months now and before I joined next level creators, I wasn't in control of my company, my revenue or my schedule. I was always stressed out about whether the next project would come in or not and unsure if the time I spent on the project would not even be worth it. On some I spent, I made up to a hundred dollars an hour and some I'm sure I worked for less than $10 an hour. I'd been looking around at training courses for several years and I even signed up for multiple webinars from industry gurus and took a course or two, but I never really received payback. I Guess Pauline's Xavier's Facebook ads ended up on my newsfeed because of my interest in the other program and I just couldn't ignore his ads and I realize now why that is. They were effective and that's the same way I've learned to create my ads now with next level creators training. Within two or three weeks of starting the program, I had upgraded my first client and started a commercial campaign. It was a lot of work, but everything was outlined in detail in the training and if I had any questions, it was answered quickly and expertly in the community and on the live Q and a calls. I'm still going through the program, but the difference now is I feel more in control of my business. I've learned to use time more officially and I'm always on top of finding new clients instead of waiting for the phone to ring. The most invaluable piece of training for me was definitely the early deal since sales trading instead of stumbling around or being unsure of how I can sell clients and feeling a little bit scummy doing so, I'm really clear about the results that I can deliver to my clients and I feel good knowing I can help them grow their business and grow mind in the process. I'm more motivated than ever clear in my purpose and direction and driven by the principles that I've learned in next level creators as a byproduct. It also makes things a lot happier at home. I've got two small kids and any time I spend at work leaves my husband to watch them or me having to pay for childcare so I can rest easier knowing that the time I've spent working maximizes my efficiency, creates more revenue for me and my family. I'm on track to have my largest revenue years since I started my business and hopefully to bring on employees in the future, which has always been my trade. I would highly recommend next level creators training to others. It's the knowledge, support and inspiration you need to grow your business all expertly and effectively packaged and delivered with video producers in mind. And that's one of the biggest differences I've found with the other training out there. So just do it. You won't regret it or don't and keep doing the same thing. How's that working for you?
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