• Name: Katy Dolle
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Description:

    Katy had spent years as a freelance filmmaker, always experiencing the up and down financial roller coaster that most can identify with. This uncertainty led Katy to joining the Next Level Creators program. She has been blown away by the knowledge and support she has gained as a result.


Hi, I'm Katy Dolle and I have been in the next level creators program for two months now. Um, it's been really great so far. And before I was in the program, I have been a freelance filmmaker and editor and life was very up and down in the freelance world. It was feast or famine. One month I would make a ton of money and I would think everything was great and then the next month the rug would get pulled out from under me and I would make nothing. And there was no reliable way for me to have a source of income or to have regular clients. So I was looking for new ideas and I wanted to get into marketing, but I didn't know how. And I stumbled across Paul's a program. I was really excited to find Paul Xavier's program because I had been looking for a long time for something that could show me how to use my skills as a filmmaker and also be able to make consistent income. So it was really exciting to find it. Next level creators has made a big difference in my business because not only was I able to gain a lot of knowledge and skills and have this community behind me, but also I now have the confidence to go out there and talk to clients and find a way to close the deal with them and see how I can make a difference for their business. The experience with the next level creators program has been amazing. It was beyond anything that I expected because not only did I get the program and the skills, I also have an entire community of people who will pick up the phone and practice sales calls with me and help me at any hour of the day. So that's really cool. And also there are a Q and a calls a several times a week. So I can get a personalized career coaching from Paul himself or from people on his team with any kind of problem that I might face. I can bring it to them and say, Hey, this is a problem that I'm facing with a client or with a sale. And they can give me an idea of how to face those problems. I see myself scaling my business and being able to take on more and more clients and eventually being able to hire employees and just scaling it. I mean, there is no limit with this program and that's what's so great. I would absolutely recommend this program to other filmmakers who are looking to be creative, but also be able to have stable income.
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