• Name: Justin Glaser
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Lake Wales, NJ
  • Description:

    Justin has been creating animated videos to help businesses simplify/clarify their messaging. Despite providing these clients value with his work, Justin recognized that the potential to manage the distribution of these videos could equal far larger impact for everyone involved. Justin felt that the Next Level Creators program opened his eyes to how this approach can be implemented in his business and just how far he can scale his revenue as a result while quantifying the value he is providing his clients..


All right. My name is Justin Glaser. I joined next level creators, I believe a couple months ago as an animated video content producer who had worked primarily with tech startups to help simplify and clarify their messaging. Um, this, it was going well. I mean, I realized that I was adding value to these people's lives, but I always understood that I was passing off this video and there wasn't a real way to quantify the results they'd get with it. Right? So I always knew there was opportunity to combine the videography with the distribution component and in order to figure that out, there's just so much out there that to spend the time creating that system, I just never was able to do that. Um, and when I found Paul's program, it just really, um, it just made so much sense in terms of combining video and distribution and leveraging all the best components of your sales process or your marketing, your operations and your finances to actually be able to scale and run your own business. Um, at a, at a level, maybe most videographers aren't aware of that they can even hit. It's not even within the reality of that they could scale to, you know, 40 k a month or whatever you really want to build this to. And He provides all the tools to do that. So, um, I can't wait for version 4.0 and that the new insights and revisions to the program that Paul's added. Um, so I definitely highly recommend to any videographers or animated video producers out there looking to take their business to the next level. Thanks.
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