• Name: Joshua Dillard
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Humble, TX
  • Description:

    Joshua discusses how Next Level Creators has served as a beacon to guide him in the right direction with his video production business, which he feels was headed in the wrong direction before he joined.


Hey guys. So I wanted to jump on it honestly, may give an honest review about the next level creators. This program, my name is Joshua Dillard and I jumped into the program like at the beginning of August, 2018 and I must say that before that point, man, I liked so much clarity. We might be business. Honestly, I didn't even know where to start because I was just going from project to project to project and he is very much so word of mouth basis. So I'm sure if you're watching this video and you're a filmmaker, you understand the plight of being that company who survives on projects. And it's, it's honestly frustrating at times because you find yourself constantly hustling, constantly grinding and constantly trying to figure it out until I see this ad come across my Facebook page and it's of Paul and he pretty much speaks directly to that pain point. At this point in time, my dad has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. Um, so that's pretty tough. Uh, my brother actually needs to get into some type of rehabilitation program. Um, and unfortunately no one in our family can afford it. And so that's one of my biggest wise on why I jumped into the program. It was actually August 7th, I believe, because that was my son's birthday. And so there were a lot of deep reasons why I jumped into the program because I absolutely, I absolutely needed something to change for my family and I couldn't wait around and wait for somebody else to do it. I had to do with myself. And so I jumped into this program when I, and when I tell you that it blew my mind how much I was honestly to me going in the wrong direction when it came to my business, um, that this program set me up for success. So I spent about four months just diving into content, trying to tweak things, get things right, get things, restructure, get things set up. And then in December I actually started doing outreach. And I could tell you as of January, February when I'm recording this message, I've had a few discovery calls, a few sales calls, a few meetings with individuals that I didn't experience even this level of success as fast as I have in the short period of time before the program that I experienced now. And so I just want to thank Paul. I want to thank the team. Um, you guys are really helpful. The community is really helpful. Of course. Um, you guys keep me going. I love seeing the successes of everyone that's in the program, who's willing to do the work. I love watching the successes because it's very, very much so motivated. I encourage every creator. If you're a video producer, if you're direct, if your cinematographer, whatever, and then you're tired of living a life that's based on project to project, to project, then I encourage you to jump into the program. And if you do the work, your life will change forever. All right? Peace.
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