• Name: Jose Pang
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Description:

    Jose Pang turned his success story from working with Next Level Creators into a brilliant short thriller. Truly masterful writing, filming, and editing that highlights the impact NLC has had on Jose’s mindset about messaging.


Thank you Mike. Sounds like it's gonna be a beautiful day. And now, for today's breaking news. Local headmaster of the Xavier school for gifted creators is reported to have disappeared. Little is currently known about his likely whereabouts, even among his friends and family. We'll bring you live updates as the story unfolds regarding professor Xavier's mysterious disappearance. But for now, hear what people have to say about the missing local hero. He loved helping people in general, like it was his life's purpose. So if you know anything, come forward, contact the authorities. We need someone like that among us in this day and age. Well, before the professor showed up, I was quite lost. I went down a shortcut to the studio and all of a sudden these two dubious looking men just jumped me. Back before professor Xavier saved my life, I was attending these weekly networking events that were a big waste of my time. He showed me that I was suffocating my own potential and I was spiraling into a standard of mediocrity. He got me out. It was quite stressful before the professor showed up. I thought this was it, but it's all good now. The professor was always a DM away. We FaceTimed and everything. Could you put it out mate? We're doing an interview. I recommend working with us to find him. His ability to help others is really one of a kind. He'll empower you to help yourself, as well as give you the tools to serve others. So, in a short time that I spent with the professor, he made me realize that I wasn't investing enough time to improve my situation. After I was rescued, the clarity I achieved was irreversible. My time management skill went off the charts and I was surprised how quickly I achieved my first milestone. Greg reporting for NLC News. Back to you Mike. Some kind words for the missing headmaster. We come to you live to bring you the breaking news that professor Paul Xavier has been reported missing. As mentioned, we'll bring you live updates as the story unfolds. In other news, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of hacking into Senator Dianne Feinstein's, iPhone 12. Fellow congress senators are said to have purchased new Huawei phones in light of these accusations.
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