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    Jordan was creating brilliant video content for clients, but the income he was generating was extremely inconsistent. One month he would bring in $15,000 and the next month it would be $1,000. Jordan realized he needed a consistent, reliable way to model his business so that his videos received the recognition they deserved as well as a recurring monthly income he could count on. That’s what brought him to the Next Level Creators program.


How's it going? Uh, Jordan Nelson with Nelson aerial productions and I'm thankful for Paul and this opportunity with the next level creators. My story's probably a little different than everybody else's. I'm pretty much a one man show, uh, with my drone business. And it was this past summer that I was looking for ways to grow. I'm a business because basically I was creating great videos that people love, but it was, there was no residual income there. There was no, I'm might have a month that, that did $15,000, and I might have a month that does $1,000. So, um, when I saw Paul's ad on Facebook, it really caught my attention, um, for a way to make money, uh, residually on a regular basis that could be consistent. And I really thought that was pretty cool. So, um, I got on board with it and, uh, that was a slow month for some reason when I saw this opportunity. So business actually got very busy after I got started, but tried to weigh both things. Um, so I've had a slow start to it, but I've definitely learned a lot, uh, from the program. Um, especially early on the, the mindset stuff, the fundamentals and the foundations, um, the power of focus and those sorts of things. Uh, definitely didn't have an order. So my focus was way off, uh, spent too much time on, uh, scrolling through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Um, instead of being a productive on those four, you know, those platforms. Um, I'd get carried away and see what everybody else was up to and things like that. So, um, the power of focus in the very early stages of the program were really key for me and I'm helping me to where I'm at today. So, uh, the program has been a very good, there's a lot to it. Um, for sure. Um, I would recommend if you're capable, uh, it has a really awesome feature in the videos too, where you can two x or you know, at 1.5 x the speed of it. So, um, if you're, if you're good at listening and paying attention, you can, uh, at least double the speed of play back and you can move through it. I'm at a faster pace. Um, so that's an awesome tip for you, which I've used a lot and, and getting through. Um, a lot of the videos is speeding them up, so that's been been really good. Um, but he is bringing this concept to, uh, some of my existing clients. I didn't necessarily go full out on the, the niche, um, just because I had several really great clients that, um, I felt I wanted to present this opportunity to all of them, obviously heard of the, the basic Facebook advertising that they can do themselves and everything. Um, but having someone that can do it for them and, and really be a master at it, uh, is really key. So I'm still, uh, working on getting through the program. And, um, now how did, now the Winter Tom, uh, it's been slower for me, so I'm able to get through it a little bit better while balancing my work for my clients and everything. So, uh, it's been a great program and I look forward to finishing it and also starting on version four and seeing what there is to offer there. So our goal is to expand and, um, and get a company if people around me so that I can dedicate more time to, to these sorts of things and not have to have it a juggling act where I, it's just hard to get done, you know, anything really. You just so many, uh, all is in the hat or whatever the saying is, you know, too many, too many, um, sticks in the fire. So I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and I'll look forward to the, to the next version.
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