• Name: Johnny Eaker
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Columbia, Missouri
  • Description:

    Johnny knew he needed to learn a new process for generating new video clients. Having plenty of experience producing incredible looking videos, Johnny joined Next Level Creators to learn the business and marketing aspects of obtaining video retainer clients in order to grow his production company.


Hi there. My name is Johnny Eager. I'm the cofounder of a video marketing agency called cosmic sauce in Columbia, Missouri. And for us, we found next level creators via a Facebook APP. And what intrigued me the most is that there was someone that I didn't know but was speaking exactly the same language as what I knew I needed to be doing. I knew I needed to be a video creator that was doing more than just making pretty things. And I knew that I needed to have a business that had brought the head profit that I could rely on. And so that's where I was before, um, little over a year ago. And going through the training, the biggest takeaway, the biggest benefit that I received, a just a mindset shift and a better understanding about sales, a better understanding just about how to approach each day and having confidence that yes, I can do the things that I need to do in business outside of just being the creative really gets into just how to run a business. Most of us are not taught how to do that. And so tremendous value. And what I've been able to learn. And the result of that is we've been able to build our business around content retainers. And that alone has went one particular contracts over six figures. So we've been able to take our business from barely making it two years ago to enrolling in next level creators a year ago. So a year later, and we're on track to be a half a million dollar agency and a year after that when she crossed the million dollar mark with a clear path to get there. So we're super excited about that. I'm super excited about what next level has been able to do for us, and I would encourage anyone to definitely look at the training you are interested in taking their business to the next level.
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