• Name: Jenn M.
  • Creative: Direct Response Marketing Expert
  • Location: Louisiana, United States
  • Description:

    How Commercial Campaigns helped this direct response marketing expert take her clients results to the next level.


My name is John McDonner and I'm the operations manager at a fairly substantial marketing advertising and production agency in the US. About five years ago we noticed that marketing advertising vehicles were changing. We decided that it was in our best interest to begin immersing ourselves in social media marketing our experience with direct response marketing and our total in-house production ability gave us an edge. But we wanted to seek out an expert so that we could be one of the best in our market. We were looking for someone who we could count on to give us direction as we set our sights on providing top notch digital marketing services. We had been looking around for some time when we found Paul Xavier. Working with him has allowed us to provide even greater results for our clients. If you need a digital marketing expert for your company I highly recommend public Xavier.
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