• Name: Jaylin Robinson
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Description:

    After spending years in Hollywood working as a script coordinator along with various other positions in the industry, Jaylin was tired of trying to climb her way to the top. Jaylin discovered the Next Level Creator program and has learned to flip the script on potential clients by leading with value and diagnosing their marketing problems, rather than trying to sell herself and her video production.


Life before I joined next level creators was pretty much probably like majority of the film makers in this group. Um, essentially selling off quality, hoping to get that next gig that you never know when it's coming. Um, I think I have to have a new perspective now of what I can offer customers. And so when I go into meetings that essentially may start off as a one off video, I now can turn, turn the script and say, Hey, look who's going to be watching this video? Who are you going to be targeting? And I hope you're not just using it to post on your website that gets no views, Zilch. Besides like your mom and your friends, which we all know that just pointless and a terrible investment video is such a expensive, um, field and unless you're providing value to counter why the cost is so high and not just saying, Hey, I have crystal clear video where nowadays people can create videos with their cell phones, you know, and get the same exact message out there. Um, so I think before next level creators, I had no idea on this premise. And how to also offer more than just, hey, I can make a great video for you. So the way I found Paul Xavier and next level creators, I actually was on Facebook, of course he targeted me specifically because I have a film company. Um, I had been in business for two years. Um, I'd worked in Hollywood and definitely like moved out there, use my complete savings and just got tired of working and I'm trying to hustle my way to the top and it just wasn't happening. So when I saw Paul Xavier's training, my mind was just blown. Like the whole idea of the wind when offer and how you can make it so that you're getting a benefit and so is your customer. Like all this time I just figured I was the main person getting the benefit. So it was like a win, lose offer. I'm winning and they're losing and that's it. They go with me or I'll set be flipped. You know, my experience has been wonderful. I also attended last year's live event, which I think totally changed my perspective than just going through the training, um, of offering more to people, like not just, hey, here's my great videos and so now I have this website and it's not even about showing all that I can do. It's figuring out, are you the customer diagnosing, are they the right customer for me? Having them fill out the application, like I never even knew that you could pre qualify people before they even contact you like that. That one thing was like the thing that carried me, um, the furthest and then the earn the deal. Um, module was just like, wow. Like I'm not even talking about myself. I'm here figuring out are these people that I can help or these people that really have pain points that I can address and help them get to overcoming their problems. So next level creators has affected my business and my life right now. Um, if I do get a client that contacts me for video only, I totally flip the script. Like I'm like diagnosing their problem in the meeting, not just talking about myself. And what I can do with video. Um, I'm totally trying to think of how can I get this to be a monthly retainer clients and I would definitely, definitely recommend next level creators who other people, um, especially filmmakers that I know have struggled with the same problems that I've had. This is probably one move, the top training that I've ever come across and if out of all places on Facebook, which is amazing. Um, so I'm looking forward to version four of the training, um, diving deeper into these core elements of how I can better position myself for the future. Um, I'm just amazed at where I've come so far.
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