• Name: Jason Roque
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • Description:

    Jason was doing freelance video work, coming across a project every few months if he was lucky. The amount of work was not sustainable to earn his living, so Jason was working a day job to make ends meet. After two months of being in the Next Level Creators program, Jason has discovered his edge to stand out among the rest in a saturated east coast market.


Hello, my name is Jason Roque and this is my review of next level creators program. Now, before I joined next level creators, my freelance work was very sporadic and I'll get a job maybe once every two or three months. Wasn't really sustainable. So I had a day job working at a university without got make any excuses. But since I'm in the east coast, it's a very, uh, I would say saturated market, especially in the, in the tristate area. So there's a lot of competition. So to stand out was really difficult. I've only been using the program for about two months right now. And then so far it's been great, really appreciate that they have live Q and A's weekly that the community is very strong, asking really detailed questions and there's a lot of info there. And uh, the modules that they have, the information that they provide for you to watch prerecorded are really great, um, watching over and over and it's been really helpful. What I recommend next level creators to other people. Absolutely. And we can doing it right now. So how this affected my businesses. Uh, my business model is being changed completely, a little bit scary, but I feel like the community and the information that was laid out, it feels like I'm really good solid plan, like a good template to work from and a good community to reach out to when I have issues here and there.
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