• Name: James Cooper
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Description:

    James Cooper discusses the need to pivot his business from project to project to consistent, reliable monthly income so that he could focus on raising his two young sons.


Hi, I'm James Cooper. I am a filmmaker and I am also a Next Level creator. So before Next Level Creators, I was really struggling. I was burned out. I was a one man band. I was doing it all myself from the marketing of my own business and trying to find clients to the sales calls, and then doing the planning, and the production, and then the post-production, and all the editing. It was exhausting. It was exhausting. I really had ... I had zero team. It was just me. And the fear ... And I wasn't making a sustainable income. So the fear was that eventually I would have to just hang it up and go back and work as a cameraman for somebody else. Which I didn't really want to do because that was why I left and became independent in the first place because I have two boys and I wanted to be a stay at home dad so I could be with them as they grow up, those early years. I found Paul on Facebook. I watched his videos. I thought that everything that he has said was very compelling and was what I wanted. And I wanted to have a real business. I think when I first got in Next Level Creators, I was a little overwhelmed because I didn't know how it was gonna work. But the great thing about the community, and Paul, and everybody is that when you come in, they kinda gage where you're at. And so they can say, "Here's where you are. You don't really ... I would work on module four. Skip two and three. Work on module four. Get the sales process down. And that's really gonna help you accelerate the process. You don't have to go in and learn everything before you start making money. You could start making money in the first week. I know that the strategy is what most people want to focus on. But Miranda's calls on mindset are equally, if not more, valuable. Because if you don't have the right mindset for this, the strategies are gonna fail. So full disclosure. I am a newbie. I've only been in the program a few months. But even right away, I've noticed a change in my business. I've hired two people to my team. I hired somebody to help me with sales and marketing. And I hired somebody to help me with post-production and editing. And I virtually have 90% of my editing off my plate, which frees up so many hours to just spend with my kids, to live, and to actually get a good night sleep. So that's been amazing. When I first got started, I was barely making five figures a month. I was not even ... I wasn't even halfway to making five figures a month. Now I'm consistently making five figures a month. And my goal is to reach $20,000 a month in the next three to six months. And I know it's doable. I mean, it's not even a question anymore. The thing that's so great about Paul and his system is that he harps on you gotta have a proof of concept. It was so much easier to target market. It was so much easier to get more people calling me and so much more easier to make the videos to attract the people to get on the phone with me. The community is amazing. You have people that are so supportive. It's a great place to ask questions. You get answers very quickly. The mindset calls, the calls with Paul, the calls going through the course, the Q and A calls. There's just so much. You can always get support. Listen, I think if you're gonna have a successful business, you really need those three things. You need a system. A plug and play system that you can jump into that guides you step by step. And that, they have in spades. You need they psychology, the mindset to stay on target, to not get distracted, to focus on the thing that's most important for you so that you have a strong, compelling reason why to do all this. And when Miranda the mindset calls, you have that. And then you need the support. You need people there who can relate. Who are four, five steps ahead of you. Who have been there. And then when you say, "Listen, this is my challenge." They say, "Oh, this is what I did. Oh, this is what I did." And it's so, so valuable. So having those three things. Having the community, the mindset, and the strategy all together in Next Level Creators is the best thing about this program. I would highly recommend it for anybody. Check it out. It may not be for everybody, but it was perfect for me. It was exactly what I needed. I'm excited.
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