• Name: Jacob Payne
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: New Castle, New South Wales
  • Description:

    Jacob was struggling on a project to project basis as a video creator, grinding day in an day out while constantly searching for the next job. Joining Next Level Creators has given him a way to establish a relationship with his clients long term, providing better service by offering something with meaning and value.


I joined the next level creators program about four months ago. Um, the reason why I joined initially was really struggling on a job per job basis with my existing video production business. Um, we'd have to constantly grind and regularly work hard to find, you know, just that next project. Uh, and everyone we did score that project. Uh, it was a matter of having to, you know, form the next one just to make sure that, uh, the overheads were recovered for, uh, in the following weeks. So, um, joining next level creators program has really given me a why to establish a relationship with our clients, uh, and really provide a better service, um, even not even just from the, um, digital strategy standpoint, but even from the standpoint that, uh, now what we're doing has, has a meaning and his audience centric. And we really understand, um, you know, the, the, the messaging behind, um, behind videos and, and, um, you know, with all the client Avatar worksheet stuff, uh, it's really given us a, um, level of education where it's a lot more valuable to our clients and our clients are really starting to notice that. Uh, and then obviously with the digital stuff as well, it's, um, it's really just taken out a services to that next level and being able to actually get results for clients rather than just say, hey, here's a pretty video, uh, has, has been really amazing. Uh, so, uh, it's been a great journey and yeah. Thank you.
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