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  • Location: Texas, United States
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    After graduating Film School, Christian started a production company. He struggled to sell $100 to $1,000 videos project to project because he didn’t know how to turn his videos into results. Watch this interview to learn how he pivoted to a value based business model with long term relationships by offering video retainers.


So before I joined the next level creators, I was [inaudible] basically running my own production company, kind of doing a little bit of everything. I had graduated school, a film school in 2016 and I came back home, uh, trying to do a documentary about my grandparents and I knew that was gonna take a while to get started. So I started up my own little production company and at first I did a little bit of everything. I started doing commercials and then I started working with real estate, taking photos and video and flying drones, stuff like that for comp, you know, different realtors. And so it was, I was doing these odd jobs all over the place. And my mindset really when I first started was to just do whatever I could to make money, just do commercials, do real estate, take photos to weddings. I mean, just any type of job I could get, I would do just, uh, you know, get, get off the ground. But through that process I realized how hard it was because I wasn't specializing in anything. I wasn't tackling any specific pain point or anything like that and I was getting kind of frustrated because I wasn't really moving. Uh, you know, I was making enough to survive but just barely. And uh, there's times where I would do really well and then times I wouldn't do very well at all. And, and so I, I've created commercials for businesses and one of the biggest issues I've seen them have is they didn't know what to do with the commercial. They, it would look good. I'd be really happy with it. They would be happy with it. It would sit on their website or on youtube, they paste the, post it on Facebook and it wouldn't do anything for them. And when I would create these videos, it was more about the company. It wasn't super specific. It was, they look good. I like, I'm happy I was happy with them, but it wasn't really creating value for the client. Like I couldn't sell myself and sell videos to people. So I stopped producing them. I couldn't sell myself and the commercials. So like I could walk in and I can convince somebody to, to buy them, but I couldn't sell myself on the fact that it wasn't getting them sales. Like I didn't want to, I didn't want to keep producing commercials if it wasn't actually bringing value to the client because that just didn't make sense to me. Even though I was super passionate about making commercials, I just couldn't convince myself to do it. I couldn't go out and do these sales meetings because I just didn't feel right about it. And so I was trying to figure out, I was in that process before finding next level creators of how do I go, how do I start creating value for these clients and how do I make commercials have value? How do I understand where the value is? And I found a couple of groups and I've talked to other big production companies and, and they would say things like, you know, charge what your value and a know what your worth is and charge higher and all this stuff. And for me it was hard to charge high if I didn't know what type of value it was creating. Like, you know, I'm bringing out the message but what type of return are these people getting? And I really didn't know. And, and so I started in the process of creating distribution. Like I knew that was the next step. So I started looking into Facebook ads, um, as being the next step is adding to the commercials to actually help the commercials make a difference, uh, for these people. And as soon as I started looking that up of Pollock savior pops up in my newsfeed and youtube on Linkedin, like just all over the place. And it was, it was meeting my need. It was meeting my need of creating value for clients. It was going to train me as a videographer to become a skilled marketer in creating distribution for these videos where these videos actually have value now. And not only do they create value, you can track that value and scale it and it's predictable and all these things and exactly what almost every company around me is begging for it. And so, so that's, that's, and I found out, I found out about them, you know, through the very means that I was going to learn how to do. So I saw them on Facebook and it was going to teach me how to do the very way they captured me. They're going to teach me how to do that for other people. And, and so that was, that was pretty cool. So that's how I found Paul. Um, my experience with Paul so far has been really amazing. What I love about Paul is he's just, he's not this insanely fast talker. He's not just telling you what I want to hear. He's telling me what I need to hear. And one of the biggest things that I think Paul has trained me is changing my mindset and part of that mindset change his focus. Before I did all of these things trying to, like, it's almost like a water spigot and I was trying to just grab all these spigots from all these different ways and trying to just trickle in from these different, all these different ways to make money. And Paul Really, uh, helped me understand like, just pick one and then just turn it on full blast. It's just keep working on it until it's flowing as fast as it can and work at it that way. And I love that too because then I get to focus on what I love to do, which is commercial making and business building. And those are my two focuses. And in next level, creators allows me to do that. And so being able to change my focus is one of the biggest things that I think Paul's helped me to do and is continuing, continuing to do in me, uh, and changing that mindset in me. And, and so I've, I've really loved working with Paul. He's, he's, you know, he's quick to help. He's, he knows what he's talking about. Um, and, uh, I really look up to that and it's been, it's been a blast so far. Um, next level creators has really changed my business model, um, from going from making money and just trying to find openings in the marketplace of like where I can make money too, becoming value based to where I focus on the clients, um, bringing value to the clients. So it's not just me about making products, the products don't even matter, but what matters is value, what type of value you might bring to the client and can, can I prove the value that I'm bringing to them so I can track exactly what I'm doing for them and we can see together, okay, this is what we're getting. Um, and we get to try out different things. And so my business model is changed completely and it's, I've also been more efficient because I'm more focused. It's another thing that Paul taught me was, um, now I'm more focused on what I want and I'm willing to sacrifice whatever I need to to get there. That's one thing that Paul really pushes the sacrifice, all the nonsense, all the stuff that doesn't matter and really focus and double down. Because millionaires and these are successful businessmen. Have a different lifestyle than most people, you know, they're more focused. And that's one thing that pops up and we do as well. And in terms of life, it's the same concept of getting rid of distractions, you know, video games, social media, things like that that take up time because time is money. You know, Paul mentions a few times of um, getting to $1,000 an hour, uh, you know, for sales and like these things, the time, the time that you spend on these things have value value, like price numbers on them of how much it's worth, right? So, so it's changing my life from going from this, these time methods that don't bring in money to time methods that do, right? So going from playing video games or watching TV or doing this stuff that's not bringing in any money to being more focused, getting rid of those distractions and making more money or, or making more money to where you can have more fun traveling. You know, so it all, it's all about the lifestyle. And that's what Paul, that's what next level creators really allowing me to do is create the lifestyle that I want. Um, where do you see yourself going next? Um, my goal is to reach six figures a year. I've started out pretty small. I've been pretty small since the beginning and so I want to hit six figures. That's, that's what I want to hit by next year at some point where um, I'm, I'm at 68 years and then you know, I want to hit six figures and then seven figures, seven figures is kind of the honey spot. That's my big goal. So, and I think the cool thing is is I don't have to go build multiple businesses to get there. I can just double down on what, what next level creators is teaching me and perfected and, and duplicated over and over with different niche markets and where the same niche market and just blow up in that niche market. And that's just cool that I don't have to run off to multiple other courses to get what I need. I have everything and next level creators and all my goals are wrapped in next level creators. It really, it teaches me how to do sales. It teaches me, um, how to actually run these ads, how to shoot the commercials, have, how to have the right mindset, how to reach the, the eight figures that I want to get to eventually, which is all in one package, which was super cool. I would absolutely recommend next level creators to anybody that is serious. So I would scare off people that aren't serious. It's the same concept of film school. There was a lot of kids that weren't serious. Half of them dropped out and only maybe 10% of them are actually in the film career doing it some way or some, uh, some other ways. So it's a waste of money for anybody that's not serious. Anybody that's not going to sacrifice and work hard because I've seen people in the course, and I've even been this at times where I wasn't working hard. I wasn't doing what Paul was telling me to do and I didn't get any results because of it. And I actually stopped, uh, doing the course for a while and of course didn't get any results. And then I doubled down again. Got My first client and now working really hard and getting, um, uh, more results. So it's, it's exciting to see at work, but you have to put in the work. So I would refer it to anybody that's really serious of, um, uh, changing their life, changing their business, as long as they're going to do the work, actually listen to what they're being taught and get out there and do, do it, you know? So I think it's an amazing course. I'm excited. I see myself being in it for a very long time, um, and not just helping me get to, you know, six figures, but eight figures eventually. Um, so, uh, so that's it. I, I think next level cause creators is great. I, I kinda jumped in head first hoping, you know, it would be good and it was exactly what I hoped it would be, which is surprising because most of the time things aren't that way. So anyways, that's it. That's it for me.
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