• Name: Jordan A
  • Creative: Video Media Agency
  • Location: Atlanta, United States
  • Description:

    Jordan A explains how the Next Level Creators program helped him save his video production company Force Media, double his sales, move into an office and start working with better clients.


Hey, my name is Jordan Agoli and I've been a part of the next level creators community since May of 2018 and I wanted to make this video to share the impact that joining this community in course has had on my life and on my business. So first and foremost is this course literally saved my business force media. We do video production and video advertising and back in May I really did not have a product to offer. I was running into the same issue that other people had, which was comparing my product, how good are my videos, how do they sound, how do they look compared to other agencies and there was nothing that was differentiating myself from other people. When I joined the course, I learned the digital advertising skills and ways to leverage myself that shows, hey, this is why you should work with me. We can make you a great video, but then we can leverage that eel online that gets eyeballs, that gets views and gets you a return on your investment. That's me talking to the client. To give you some real numbers. 2017 we did 100,000 in revenue force. Media did 2018 we've doubled that. We did 200,000 in revenue year. I bought the course and may majority of our revenue came from June on. These are real numbers. I feel like a lot of times in courses people don't talk about that. My business literally doubled in revenue. Another thing, I got this office space, we work out of a coworking community. I've got a three person office right here. Not a big deal to other people. Amazing to me. I was working out of my apartment before this, so again, the first thing it literally helps me level of, and that's by all of the teaching, the courses, the education, the group, everything inside of that helped me double my business in revenue. The second thing that the course taught me how to do is to think differently, so when we're inside this creative space, a lot of times people want to compare their creative skillset. What cameras do you have? How well can you edit? How well can you color your audio, et Cetera. When in reality, the person that you're selling to cares about the results. So you can have $100,000 video, a $10,000 video that the $10,000 video gets you more of a return on your investment. You're going to go for that one. So it taught me how to leverage what I sell differently. It's not about what we want to sell, it's what the client wants to get in return. And I, I never thought about that, but once I changed my mindset and perspective, I was able to land a lot more deals because I was showing the clients the value that they were going to get instead of showing them what I thought was important. So thank you Paul for that second lesson. Once again, it helped double my business. And the third and final thing that I wanted to talk about is that the education inside of these courses is better than literally anything I've ever taken before. It is to the point, it is succinct, it is action driven. You can take what you learned and apply them to your real life. They constantly have support there, answering questions. They have weekly phone calls, they have a Facebook group where everyone interacts and supports one another. But truly this course will empower you in your video production, in your digital advertising, in your sales, in your operations, and the way you run your business. This is not just a video production or digital advertising course. This is a course to help you level up in all aspects of business. So when I talk about investing your client's investment in getting return on their investment, also think about investing inside of yourself. I spent 10 to $20,000 last year on my education alone and it was worth it. This course is not cheap and it shouldn't be cheap. Paul and his entire team have put thousands of hours into this. They've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money testing and trying to face. So what they're giving you is a roadmap. That's all I have to say is this. Submit your application, check it out. I highly recommend it. Again, a double my business in revenue. I have grown as a businessman and I am so grateful and honored that I get to be apart of this community. I highly recommend reach out to me if you have any questions to you guys.
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