• Name: Griff Orme
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Description:

    Griff figured his production company was done having to search for clients after doing work for companies like Honda and Jack Daniels. Unfortunately, after these one off projects were completed he was back to looking for new clients with no guarantee that the next one was in the pipeline. Looking for a new approach that promised consistent, reliable income, Griff found the Next Level Creators program. As a result of joining, he is now looking at an opportunity to book a 5-figure per month deal with a big company.


What's up creator community. Uh, my name is Greer form newer in the, uh, community. Been in for a couple of weeks now. Um, but just want to leave a quick review on a 3.0 as we've gone through it thus far. I'm actually up right now. I'm going through my weekly scheduled time to go through the sales mastery portion. Um, when I jumped on a phone call with Miranda a couple of weeks ago, um, we were at a place where our production company video work was, um, where most production companies get to. And we had thought that we were in such a good spot. I'm coming off a year where we had shot for Honda and Jack Daniels and we kind of thought with those in our portfolio that we're never going to have to sell again and that was going to be the end of it. And then we hit that feast and famine cycle where we didn't get any work for like four months. Um, and knew it was time to make a shift towards a program that we knew. Um, you know, you could gather monthly retainers from and uh, you know, that was more sustainable than the traditional model of production. Um, so when I found the, the creators community, um, I was so psyched. I have a background in digital marketing and um, all the aspects of this just made sense. Uh, and we'd always meet my partner noise wondered, um, you know, it was tough for us to sell through a big, you know, 5,000, 300 k video project. Um, not knowing what the results were of that project and how it was hard to justify, um, you know, spending all this money on an asset that no one truly knew the return on. Um, so I was so sold when I saw, um, kind of how this new model as I'm going through the courses, um, is something that you can sell to clients that has returns to it, um, that it's trackable. Um, and you know, just off going through three weeks of the knowledge, a little bit of the sales course, we were able to get a meeting with a huge nutraceutical company based out of Texas. Um, and it's so exciting. They were, it was amazing to get off the call with them and, and uh, just hear about how they were stoked that they'd talk with so many marketing agencies. No one got it. The last video they pushed, they'd paid 50 grand for and they had no, no tracking and the message was, our product is made in Europe, therefore it's, it's high end and that's why you should buy it. Um, but meeting with them and going through Paul's curriculum, it was amazing to see how excited the client was across the table and how we didn't have to really sell them anything. They were just stoked to, to see that someone understood their pain points and that they have an execution plan. Uh, so we're still in the process of wrapping up a deal, but right out the gate, our first deal through creators community might be a five figure retainer deal. Uh, and just to have the power of that. We sat at the table today and we're just, wow, we're blown away by this community were blown away by everything that y'all are doing and the support in this community and the level of content. So to those who aren't in the creators community, get in the creators community, you are literally losing thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day that you're not in this community. It's hands down, life changing. And I'm excited to update y'all on, on our progress as we go through, and I'm excited to crush it with y'all. Thanks.
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