• Name: Emily Martin
  • Creative: Video Creator
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    Emily was working as an animator in London, 9-6 with a really long commute. She was feeling as though her dream had become a daily grind just to make ends meet. Looking to turn her side business of freelancing into her full-time career, with hopes of spending more time with her daughter and less time trying to make enough money to pay the bills, Emily discovered the Next Level Creators program. The mindset shift that she has experienced has made her fearless and excited about her future as a business owner in video production.


Hi, my name is ebony and I have joined. Let me create a community end of last year on my beginning of my journey as a motion designer. I was stuck in a nine to six office job in London, commuting, reading long hours. It seemed as no my dream that greatly worked so hard. We came slowly, a painful process just to make implement. How do we have time for my felony? So my daughter on me at night and I was trying to juggle too many things at once. I was running a business on the side. We work long nights, weekends, trading time for money was up on one day. I came across [inaudible] ad Facebook instantly resonated with me as he was particularly targeting storming, video and mindset shifted. I mean voice popped into my head. Do you truly want to continue working this way is really make it heavy. How does working make this affects my life? This is what I want for myself. This is truly the only way I can be. What am I really here? I instantly woke up, signed up and got on a call with the team. I was absolutely enough brand. In fact, it was so impulsive and driven by my pain that actually holds the same complaint with my mouth. I couldn't tell him just in case someone thinks I'm totally become crazy. I can say I'm glad I made the step forward, shifted my mindset extreme like become fearless, driven by purpose. Having a mission, understanding that line should be simple, not complex because the mind creates really changed my attitude. One Paul introduced the 80 20 rule really changed or have just implemented this my business and my personal life. I got rid of what no longer serves me, including handing in my notice at my job, saying goodbye to people being confined by the limits and really focused on the 20% 80% of the boards. I'm still on my journey as we speak and I've doubled my video crisis and that normally smoke value two times. Yet did you continue to build strong relationships that continue to grow to help most supportive creative community? I'm absolutely confident. Have all my questions answered, not just to become a great and me, but it polycom video creator serves other people and unmeasurable ways. Thank you, Paul, for making this reality.
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